Based in the OD&D Mystara setting, our campaign follows events inspired by TSR's Wrath of the Immortals module. Most of our play continues via e-mail with infrequent get-togethers in person.

Current Status of our Campaign

Meet the Heroes

Who’s Who: a List of Characters featured in our Campaign

Click below to read the party's adventures:-

Early Days The Low Levels Three Become Five

Rezgale's Ruins The Toppled Temple

Night's Dark Terror Terror Darkens
Into the Valley The Scourge of Kartoeba

Karnus' Quest - Part One Part Two
Lana in Thyatis Individual Exploits The Party Reforms
Dragonhunt - the Fall of Korak Aftermath

Skarda's Mirror Interlude
Through the Looking Glass The Mirror Crack'd

The Republic of Darokin Quest to the Altan Tepes
Fort Doom The Shires
Homecoming In Pursuit of Jolenta
The Battle of Kelvin The Staff of Lucinius

Travels in Thyatis Journey to Rockhome
Penhaligon in Peril The Siege of Glaston

The Night of Fire Lana's Clearout Journey to Alfheim

Alfheim - Part Two Showdown at Stalkbrow
Duel of the Wizardesses The Rugalov Vampire A Letter from Glantri
The Flying Carpet Lana's Journey to Glantri

Glantri City - Part One, Part Two and Part Three

Journey to the Hollow World - Part One, Part Two and Part Three

Journey to Alphatia The Alphatian Mainland
Karnus on the Hutaakans The Road to Aasla

The Burned City of Aasla - Part One, Part Two and Part Three

The Road to Dovir & Queen Kryndylya's Castle Events in Dovir Dovir And Beyond Komughan's Tale

The Road to Sundsvall - Part One and Part Two

Sundsvall, The City Built by Magic - Part One and Part Two

Audience with Empress Eriadna - Part One, Part Two and Part Three

Return to Karameikos

To the Defence of Darokin City - Part One, Part Two and Part Three

Krakatos, Haven, The Ethereal Plane and What Followed

The King's Birthday

Leaving the Canolbarth

Karnus Background XP Stories

The Blackhill Saga - Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Part Six and Part Seven

Adriana A Meeting of Minds Searching the Silver Sierras

Griffons Sylarin's Revenge Fallen Hero

The Homecoming of Karnus Perdissium Sorcerous Soiree

The Night After the Morning Before Legacy of Hutaaka Nature's Revenge

From Thyatis to Redstone - Part One and Part Two

Lana Background XP Stories

The Marilinev Palace - Part One, Part Two and Part Three

Bother In Biazzan

Dragon Hunt - Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Part Six, Part Seven and Part Eight

The Runaway The Golden Ferret The Thyatian Sewers

Koriszegy Keep Alpha Mage A Friendly Chat

Return to Koriszegy Keep - Prologue, Approaching the Keep, Assaulting the Keep

Down the Well, Showdown, Epilogue and Post-Epilogue Tidy-Up

The Perdissium Papers - Karnus & Others in Ylaruam

From Haven to Exile The Sands of Ylaruam

The Wedding Cyclerdikus' Re-Flowering

Lana (as Oenomaea of Qeodhar) in Floating Ar

Return to Skyreach - Part One and Part Two Lady Galforza

Ogre Attack! Time in Skyreach

Auxiliary Characters

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