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Who's Who

The following is not intended as a complete (or necessarily accurate, as it's written from a player perspective) guide to the personalities of our campaign world. Instead, this is a subjective account of how our characters perceive various individuals they have met or heard about during their escapades.

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Grey-robed Darokinian magic-user; a 'textbook' wizardess who rarely departs from traditional methods of spellcasting. In addition to her magical repertoire, she relies on her acerbic tongue and withering glare to protect herself and others. She nevertheless possesses natural charm and is capable of leaving others (especially members of the opposite sex) with a positive impression of her. Resident consultant on arcane matters within the Whistlestop & Co Exploratory & Adventuring Company, she is currently enrolled in the Great School of Magic in Glantri City, where she advances Rheddrian's secretive investigations without the knowledge of the Glantrian authorities.

Aendyr, Volospin (Deceased?)
Wizard-Prince of the Glantrian Principality of Blackhill, of pure Alphatian descent. A distant cousin of Empress Eriadna, labelled by her as the only hope for decent relations between Glantri and Alphatia. Presumed killed by the meteor which destroyed Blackhill and Caurenze; replaced as Chancellor of the Princes by Urmahid Krinagar.

Al-Amar, Karim
Ylari ambassador to Thyatis; when new to the role was abducted by Hattian storm soldiers led by a powerful cleric of Vanya. After being rescued by Lana and the Thyatian party, he expressed his gratitude by gifting them the Desert Rose, a fabulously bejewelled brooch.

Acclaimed Alphatian designer of kihara garments, based in Dovir. Her work is sought after for its delicate and lifelike embroidery. Resents the rising popularity of Galatia Allatrian, a rival designer.

Alcomb, Arturo (Deceased)
Darokinian adventurer and master thief, particularly of elven steeds from the Forest of Canolbarth.

Serving wench in Specularum - one of few who survived Bargle's bombing of the Flying Ferret Inn.

Allatrian, Galatia
Popular clothing designer and companion to Princess Asteriella of Thyatis at the Imperial Palace in Sundsvall. Also a student of the magical arts under the tutelage of Master Terari. Hails from the Isle of Dawn. Virtually nobody knows that she assisted the Glantrian adventurers accused of murdering General Torenal in their escape from Eriadna's dungeons.

Almetherys (Deceased)
Glantrian sorceress whose tower in Blackhill suffered heavy damage during the meteor impact; lost her life after being possessed by one of several malevolent shadow fiends loosed around the same time.

Al-Nazar, Omar
Ylari warlord of the nomadic Shahran tribe of Ylaruam, a former itinerant now following the 'Way of the Warrior'. A devout adherent to the teachings of the Eternal Truth. Led the relatively small band of dervishes who took Fort Nikos as part of the invasion and occupation of Biazzan.

Seemingly a fugitive Ylari slave - but see separate entry for Sylazar.

Alverian, Sir Justin
General of the Karameikan Seventh Militia Division, Hero of Darokin and Knight of Karameikos. A keen strategist and tactician, his knowledge and expertise in military matters played a vital role in the success of the Karameikan Expeditionary Force's liberation of Darokin City. A capable warrior and advocate of fighting from horseback, Sir Justin is intent on building up Karameikos' cavalry into an unstoppable fighting force.

Cleric of the Immortal Alphatia, from the town of Herot in the Kingdom of Theranderol. A staunch pacifist, Alvion's abilities lie in the arts of healing and defence as displayed when he retrieved Lana's corpse from the Ethereal Plane and returned her to life on the Prime. After attempting to resanctify the Cathedral of Alphatia in Aasla he barely escaped with his life when he was set upon by powerful agents of the Immortal Alphaks.

Apprentice to Halia Antonic who survived the episode involving Skarda's Mirror and the savage monsters which rampaged through her mistress' home.

Antonic, Halia
Wizardess of Karameikos, originally from the Vorloi estate having been born into the ruling family of that region. Settled in Verge when she married her adventuring companion Retameron. Known to carry a wand of frost and has interests in legends, geography and monster anatomy. Current acting Head of the Wizards' Guild of Specularum while Teldon spends time in Sundsvall and exploring the Alphatian kingdoms, will also be responsible for co-ordinating the Alphatian representatives who are being sent to improve Karameikos' defences.

Antonic, Retameron
Muscle-bound fighter who rules the village of Verge with his wife Halia. Known to wear a girdle of giant strength. Along with Halia, was believed to have been slain by the Mirror Fiend loosed from the Immortal artifact known as Skarda's Mirror but escaped the mini-plane where the pair had in fact been imprisoned. Was recently (1007AC) elevated to Baron.

Antonic, Terranon
Veteran fighter and father to Retameron Antonic, sought aid for his missing son during the episode involving Skarda's Mirror.

Warrior woman of Kerendas, mistress and adviser to Emperor Thincol of Torion. Reputed to hold great sway over his decision making process, rarely counselling restraint or caution in military affairs. According to one of the Emperor's male advisers, "there are things she will do for the Emperor that I will not."

Thyatian freedman relocated to Glaston, originally from Kerendas, severed the ties of slavery which bound him to the Duchy of Machetos. Still a young man, he is deciding where his road should lead; for the time being he is learning the ways of magic. The least naturally talented of Lana's apprentices, he applies himself the least also. Possesses a quick and irreverent tongue, speaks his mind openly and has vowed to never again be subservient to any person.

Arcan, Condric
Merchant prince of the Minrothad Guilds, suffered a series of life-draining attacks and curses while conveying Duke Stefan's emissaries across the Sea of Dawn in hopes of securing a new trading route through Karameikan waters. Captain of the Sapphire Spirit - a large but speedy trading clipper. Known to have magical control of the winds.

Ruler of the magical realm of Haven, 'the Silver Princess' has not yet assumed the title of Queen as her father went wandering into magical mist and may yet return.

Malevolent entity (perhaps an Immortal) seeking the ruination of the Vale of Haven; said to possess 'a Thousand Eyes' one of which when uncovered took the form of a fabulous ruby.

Talking white dragon, mount of Sir Ellis.

Wizard of Alphatia and seneschal to Queen Kryndylya of Haven. Handles much of the Queen's business while Her Majesty pursues personal interests such as the Arts. A talented creator of statuary in his own right. Enjoys a few rounds of the game 'clubs and spheres' when time permits him to unwind from his administrative duties.

Prisoner encountered inside Skarda's Mirror.

Sage who settled in the village of Glaston for several years, imparting knowledge to those who would learn from him, including the young Lana whom he taught to speak the Dragon tongue (gold dialect) with fluency. Some of his pupils had difficulty remembering his lengthy first name and surname and settled for 'Aurax' as a contraction of the two. More recently, Aurellian has been travelling the Known World with his caravan of belongings, including a slate capable of divining the properties of magic items. As a reward for his rescue from vampires during the Night of Fire, the sage presented Vasily with a map showing the whereabouts of a long lost relic of the Church of Traladara.

Female djinni and long-time acquaintance of Demetrion Karagenteropolous. Helped rescue Lana and others from the Ethereal Plane following the poltergeist encounter at Krakatos.

Female cleric, second-in-command at the fictitious Order of 'Drrynden' in Helskir.


Harmless old traladaran woman aggressed by the hobgoblin warlord Vlakk in his search for the enchanted tapestry leading to the Lost Valley of Hutaaka.

A Makistani sorcerer living in the hills of Western Ylaruam; friend to beings of the air such as rocs and djinn.

Bakewell, Agatha
Cheery halfling resident of the village of Glaston, taught Lana all she knew of the cooking arts.

Hutaakan High Priestess of the Lowlands and worshipper of the Immortal Pflarr; refused to accept death and willingly underwent mummification to enable her to rise after a millennium and try to reclaim Karameikos as part of the reborn Hutaakan Empire. Countless of her servants were condemned to the same fate, without say in the matter, to provide her with an army when she rose.

Mischevious but well-meaning djinn, resident of the City of the Desert Breeze who assisted Lana in locating enchanted cloud.

Ageing centaur and one-time hero of the Canolbarth Forest, fell to drinking and sold his services as a mercenary to human bandits. After the humiliation of being engaged in combat by the offspring of an old friend - Thunderhoof - both centaurs departed Alfheim with the latter vowing to help Bardoc turn his life around and become a reformed character.

Bargle 'the Infamous'
Tall and handsome magic-user, charming and resourceful. Worryingly he might be Karameikos' most powerful wizard but applies his talents only for personal gain. Is understood to have slain countless wizards through deceitful means to boost his repertoire of spells and magical items. He has even published his memoirs on the subject, which have been promulgated through the Known World and received particularly good reviews in Glantri City. His wrongdoings include fireballing the Flying Ferret Inn in Specularum and slaying his one-time master, the law-abiding wizard Valtanivark. Known to operate out of Fort Doom though he and his minions are often at large in the area around Threshold (such as the shores of Lake Windrush) when Bargle is not acting as magist to the Black Eagle Baron (supposedly in the capacity of an 'indentured servant').

Barylomir, Shenadar
Alphatian youth recruited by the Foresters of Thyatis to spy on the elves of Shiye-Lawr; betrayed his companion Gedaryl Denrothar to the Alphatian authorities after he claimed to have received a vision from the Immortal Ilsundal indicating that the elves' patron would no longer associate with the 'treacherous' Thyatians. Last seen in custody in the town of Fifeton.

'Pure-blooded' Alphatian relocated from Sundsvall to Karameikos; a co-ordinator of large-scale stoneforming tasks and enchantment processes. After the duties assigned to him by Empress Eriadna were completed he revealed that he would remain in Specularum for the foreseeable while. Seeks to elevate his social standing, began by acquiring lavish accommodation in 'The Hill' being Specularum's most sought-after location. One of many siblings, his family is a well-known dynasty to those with knowledge of Sundsvall society.

Leader of Clan Longrunner within Alfheim, having his seat at Pinitel. The philosophy of his clan calls for non-tolerance of outsiders within the Canolbarth Forest. A monster hunting enthusiast, as his name implies.

de Belcadiz, Don Diego
Nephew of Fernando de Casanegro, an expert on different types of lowlife (oozes, jellies and slimes in particular) who has written extensively on the subject and provided research notes to the Monster Hunters' Union of Glantri.

De Belcadiz, Don Hippolyto
Glantrian elf, pompous law-enforcer within the area surrounding the Vesubia River in the southern Principalities and prone to bullying the peace-loving Erewan elves without cause or on fictitious grounds.

Bella (Deceased)
Female cow purchased by Lana out of early adventuring monies and left to graze outside her master's tower in Threshold. Under the light of a full moon, Bella was tragically devoured by werewolves during an attack on the town.

Kihara-artist based in Dovir; his work is lauded for the vivid hues he uses and he closely guards the secrets of his techniques. Mylertendal is a fan of his work.

Ben Udib, Fasal
Ylari novice of the Order of the White Sands, a mystical order based deep in the heart of his desert homeland.

Karnus' ward - a half-dryad first encountered on an island in the middle of the Sea of Dawn. Betula is able to enthral the minds of men and her powers are growing with age - she is no longer the 'little birch' her Norwolder father once labelled her. Now a member of the Sisterhood of the Unicorn in Glantri City she uses her abilities to ensorcel the minds of gentlemen patrons and put aside any notions they might have of harming her or overstepping boundaries. The malevolent being created by the Stalkbrow phenomenon in Alfheim was vexed when it failed to find any trace of darkness within the female's heart.

Biazzan, Babrak
Ruler of the Thyatian Barony of Biazzan. Has a wife and young son, owns a flying carpet. Quick to temper however the wellbeing of his family and subjects is his foremost concern. Was imprisoned during the Ylari invasion.

Gnome hailing from the town of Highforge in Karameikos, an insect enthusiast.

Bilgramus, Ethrilord
Glantrian ambassador to Alfheim.

Bin-Amin, Hosni
Lowly fisherman from Tameronikas in the Duchy of Tel Akbir, believed to have been abducted by the agents of evil (or pro-Glantrian) Immortals. Had his memories tampered with and was placed in the path of Karameikos' diplomats on their way to Sundsvall as an attempt to delay their progress.

Black Eagle Baron
- see description for Von Hendrikks, Ludwig

Dwarf living in Specularum, Rockhome's ambassador to Karameikos.

Bondarenko, Vasily
Young cleric and prodigy of the Church of Traladara, his favoured Immortal being Halav the patron of war against humanoids. Bears an enchanted mace and staff of healing in addition to other items. Has admirers among the devoted masses of Specularum and is currently risking life and limb on a mission into Glantri to retrieve a relic of his Church.

Budanter, Lana
Karameikan wizardess who has built her tower outside the village of Glaston on the fringes of the Dymrak Forest. Besides magic her interests include cooking, healing, dragons and other beasts and she has a sortova thing for Alphatia. Prone to occasional lapses of judgment but is getting better all the time, really she is.

Budanter, Marianna (Deceased)
Lana's mother - a healer and adept of the Church of Traladara having been responsible for tending its shrine in Glaston. A life-long herb-sniffing pacifist she was cruelly slain by goblin raiders from the Dymrak Forest.

Budanter, Terlon
Lana's father - a successful Thyatian sea merchant trading silks, textiles and rare commodities out of the Minrothad Guilds. His dedication to his profession means he rarely finds time to spend with his daughter. Formerly Terlonius Budanteropolous; he contracted his own name as well as the family name rather than alienate the native Traladarans with whom he hoped to conduct business, before turning his attention across the seas.

Burrhus, Titus
Overbearing Thyatian fighter turned gladiator, owner of a pegasus and fancied himself a dragon-slaying hero. Died gloriously in battle with red dragons and was interred outside the creatures' lair in the Altan Tepe mountains. To Lana's horror (she was involved in making the decision not to seek his return to life) he has been resurrected and is believed to have joined the Order of Balthac.


Callinica, Tertianna
High Priestess in one of Asterius' temples in Kerendas.

Brave and physically formidable, if not intellectually gifted, fighter who joined Lana, Drewen and Threy for their earliest adventures exploring ruins around Threshold. Bears a ring of invisibility taken from the tower of the wizard Rezgale. A member of the Threshold Town Guard, Can found less and less time for adventuring as his principal career progressed, and has advanced to become second-in-command of the local operation.

Entreprenurial elfmaiden operating a flying carpet service between settled areas of Karameikos and occasionally further afield; her unique carpet bears concealed 'pockets of holding' to enable large hauls to be transported. In addition she is known to conceal an arsenal of wands and other defences about her person.

Elven advisor to the leader of the Chossum Clan at Desnae in Alfheim, a polite and capable businessman who while seeming benevolent nevertheless left the party with the feeling they were being exploited. A hidden agenda perhaps?

de Casanegra, Don Fernando
Belcadiz elf and Glantrian nobleman, 'el Marques' residing at the Tower of Satolas whose dominion includes a gold mine where the emergence of a purple worm caused a great many creatures to rise from the depths. Appears ancient, white-haired and given to dressing in black robes.

de Casanegra, Dona Yolanda
Belcadiz and wife (?) of 'El Marques' residing at the Tower of Satolas, related to Princess Carnelia and Marianita.

Ceredict (Deceased)
Karameikan cleric who opposed the party's actions when he suspected them of being members of a cult of Thanatos in Threshold but ultimately saw sense and with his dying breath bequeathed his enchanted mace to Threy so that he might defend his companions against a 'shadow' creature impervious to harm by normal means (our party's first magical weapon!).

Claransa 'the Seer'
Native wizardess of Karameikos, one-time pupil of the wizard Valtanivark. Claransa took a post at the Magicans' Guild for a while but was unwilling to devote much time to instructing others, preferring to focus on her own magical studies. Her speciality was the traditional divination magics of the Traladaran people, gaining her the nickname 'the Seer'. Since leaving Karameikos years ago, she has not been heard of for some time and her current whereabouts are unknown. She was suspected to be of a similar power level to Guildmaster Teldon at the time of her departure from the Grand Duchy.

Glantrian elfmaiden who relocated from the land of her birth to the Canolbarth Forest in Alfheim to be with her mate Beasthunter, the volatile and xenophobic leader of the Longrunner clan. Highly proficient in the healing arts, hence her nickname.

Conor 'son of Fergal'
Hinterlander barbarian, burly ex-gladiator and slave whose freedom was won by his companion Antonius in a game of cards with a thyatian senator. Proficient with an array of weaponry including the cestus and double-handed axe.

Corran, Jeddarin
Darokinian businessman who hired the Darokin party to evict unwanted residents and retrieve family heirlooms from his ancestral home - Corran Keep in the northern mountains of Darokin.

Karnus' apprentice, Crackle is in actuality the reanimated corpse of young Edgar Corran, his body infused with the mysterious energies emanating from Rheddrian's mirror shield. A magical prodigy, Crackle has been enrolled by his master at the Great School of Magic eliciting the attention of Prince Etienne D'Ambreville himself. Despite Crackle's nervous nature and propensity to act as a child, Karnus suspects that he's anything but, his true nature transcending the physical body he currently inhabits.

Priest of Valerias, hopeless romantic. He's your carnal flower, he's your bloody rose / pick his petals off and make his heart explode.


Dallus (Deceased)
Forester of Vyalia, originally born in Kerendas to an over-bearing senator. Ran away from home having no desire to pursue a political career. Dedicated his regrettably short life to defending the Forest and its inhabitants with the blessing of the elven Immortal Ilsundel. Ultimately slain by a hellhound in the Coliseum, was buried by the elfmaiden Lassandra and his other companions in the Park area of Thyatis City.

Naive and impressionable youth who became a follower of the Immortal Alphaks, first encountered by our party in the basement of the Great Library of Aasla and provided a wealth of information about his clerical Order. Was temporarily imprisoned on the Ethereal Plane by the cleric Alvion during an uncharacteristic fit of rage.

Elfmaiden of the Chossum Clan in Alfheim, travelling companion (perhaps more?) to young Valen Karameikos.

D'Ambreville, Dame Catherine
Wife of Etienne; Glantrian ambassador to Thyatis and a renowned spellcaster in her own right.

D'Ambreville, Etienne
Foremost of the Glantrian Wizard-Princes and Grand Master of the Great School of Magic. Shuts himself away in his tower for great periods of time; sometimes appears in public through Projected Image spells, for example during graduation ceremonies. Labelled a reckless and arrogant fool by Eriadna of Alphatia.

A trading associate of Lana's father, operating out of the Republic of Darokin

More than just a pet, Drewen took pains to train his giant ferret from a young age. Can perform a range of actions (including tracking) upon command and is utterly obedient. Name derives from the Dwarven meaning 'hound of rock'.

Denrothan, Gedaryl
Forester of Vyalia, secretly stationed in Alphatia by the Thyatians to spy on events within the Kingdom of Shiye-Lawr. Was betrayed to the local authorities by his younger companion who claimed to have received a vision from the Immortal Ilsundel. Now back in Thyatis City having been teleported (all too readily) by Lana.

Dialus, Quintus
Patriarch of the Order of Tarastia in Thyatis. Streaks of grey through his otherwise dark hair cause him to resenble a badger.

Diamerak, Lassandra
Elven princess of the Diamerak clan within the Vyalia Forest in Thyatis, has connections with the Foresters Guild and bears the enchanted blade 'Ilsundel's Kiss'.

Traladaran animal-trainer retained by the party on their Alfheim journey to keep the baby bear Grunt in line.

Von Drachenfels, Jaggar
Wizard-Prince and leader of the Glantrian military, ruler of the Aalban province. Lana attempted to visit his family's fortified home in Ritterberg, only to have her flying carpet chased away by a flock of gargoyles.

Prince of the island nation of Aegos, an Alphatian territory. Based out of his father's palace in Aegopoli, the Prince co-ordinates the running of the local military and by extension is involved in Empress Eriadna's project to tunnel into the Hollow World from the new settlement known as 'Pittstown'. His duties include swearing in new recruits to the Army. Able to magically levitate, whether this is by spellcasting or some item isn't clear.

Humble homesteader living with his family on land owned by the Alphatian archmage Myskuramis in the Kingdom of Haven.


Alphatian were-ferretess unknowingly transported from the meadows of Vertiloch to Karameikos. 'Edna' (a contraction of 'Eriadna') has so far declined to reveal her true name to Lana. After bestowing the 'gift' of lycanthropy upon Lana's ageing giant ferret Whiskers the pair have gone travelling; having spent time in Specularum (and found the place to her liking) Edna may establish herself there as a hunter of wererats.

Effervatch, Judd
Native of the Minrothad Guilds and an 'Augrist' being a follower of the Immortals known as the Twelve Watchers. Grim and serious resident healer aboard the Sapphire Spirit, slain at the outset of combat with the undead minions of the evil Immortal Hel. May have subsequently been raised.

Ellis, Sir
Consort to Princess Argenta of Haven, a member of the (now disbanded) Order of the White Drake. His mount is the talking white dragon known as Ariksbane. Maintains a small dominion in the Altan Tepes and has the unique magical ability (shared with his steed) of being able to enter and exit Havenís misty borders as he wishes.

Elwyn (Deceased)
Crazed female cleric operating out of a fortified base near Threshold, stole a relic of the traladaran faith necessitating a rescue operation by the Karameikan 'junior' party. Bore a mace of life-draining which after trading between adventuring groups ended up in Threy's possession.

Ekree (Deceased)
Spell-casting were-rat encountered in the basement of the ruined Library in Aasla.

Centaur of the Canolbarth Forest in Alfheim, ally of Thunderhoof and others.

Personal scribe to the Alphatian wizard Myskuramis, a native Thothian from the Isle of Dawn. Believed to follow a mystical philosophy indigenous to his people.

Eriadna 'the Wise'
Alphatian Empress whose father Tylion abdicated in her favour; claims to be privy to the will of the Immortals favouring her Empire, she has undertaken to oppose the machinations of the rival wizard nation Glantri who she considers must be stopped at all costs, to ensure the survival of the planet and for the sake of all those who practise magic.

Nickname attributed to the many earth elementals Karnus summoned using the enchanted stone confiscated from the alchemist Valtius.

Evershade, Jess
Villanous hinmaiden and bandit leader within the Five Shires, was apprehended and handed to the local Sheriff.


Fabricites 'the Feeble'
A known guise of the Guildmaster of the 'Orphans' i.e. a powerful band of thieves who maintain their base of operations in tunnels beneath Kerendas.

Fabutha (Deceased)
One of two hobgoblins who joined the party to escape the catacombs beneath Fort Doom, but died of starvation during the subsequent trek through Blight Swamp.

Falaryx (Deceased)
Young and haughty black dragon, capable of speech and spellcasting. Terrorised the town of Luln demanding payments under threat of greater damage. Was slain by the party on their first adventure into Blight Swamp.

Falconbridge, Thibault
Darokinian adventurer and rapier-wielding horse-thief, known to operate with others in the Canolbarth Forest. Owner of a pair of magical boots.

Elder of two Shepherds of Rad who accompanied (and harried) Karnus on his exodus from Blackhill to Erewan. Succumbed to a hypnotic suggestion meted out by Karnus to punish the man for his excessive pride as well as his part in Anora's demise.

Dwarven adventuress from the Kingdom of Stoutfellow in Alphatia, travels with a gnomish companion.

Feadil, Telyrindel
Elven ranger of the Feadil clan of Alfheim, the last refugees from lost Elvenhome. Like many of his kin he is distrustful of humans and their expansionist tendencies, and has only recently come to tolerate their presence in Alfheim.

Senile old man found locked in a cell of Rezgale's Ruins, claiming to be a master thief; his captors had cruelly removed several of his digits.

Flaccus (Deceased)
Magic-user who became apprentice to Bargle The Infamous so that he might pass word of the Black Eagle Baron's schemes to the people of his hometown, Luln. Bearer of a wand of lightning, Flaccus was instrumental in orchestrating the party's escape from the dungeons beneath the Doom Tor but sadly perished while fleeing with the others through Blight Swamp.

Aggressive leader of a scout party from the Longrunner clan in Alfheim, charged with keeping intruders away from the area of dark magic known as Stalkbrow.

Otherwise known as Aflikaltherolus, the Forest Spirit; valiant pixie, sworn protector of the Vyalia Forest and its inhabitants, was assisted on at least one occasion by Lassandra and Dallus on foot of their connection with the Foresters' Guild and Dame Larandia.


Forester of Vyalia, able swordsman and proficient spellcaster, owns a pair of boots allowing him to run along vertical surfaces such as trees.

'Gandamar, Ralindi'
An assumed travelling identity - see separate entry for Krinagar, Urmahid.

Garamundvar (Deceased)
Mighty frost giant, now dead along with his wife, lived in a fortress in the Altan Tepe peaks and was prone to acts of great cruelty.

Patriarch of the Immortal Proteus in Helskir, grew bored and decided to indulge in alcoholism when fewer folk began attending his modest church.

- see separate entry below for Holazar.

Former apprentice to Mirabilis of Haven, now a fully-fledged wizardess in her own right.

Ruler of the harbour town of Goltar in Alphatia, reportedly firm-handed but fair when dealing with his subjects. Known to conduct personal dealings with other traders through his port. Also a member of the Alphatian Council of Thousand Wizards.

Elf of the Feadil clan, frequently involved in playing tricks on the self-important residents of Nemiston in the Republic of Darokin.

Goldenhammer, Drewen
Karameikan dwarf whose father died combatting a red dragon seeking to augment its hoard with the clan's treasure. Drewen recently re-united his clan and is currently overseeing reconstruction of his clanseat in the Altan Tepe mountains in the north of the Grand Duchy of Karameikos where valuable mineral deposits have been located. A capable fighter and reliable friend, also a great lover of all things gold.

Goldenhammer, Curick
Member of Drewen's clan living in the halfling village of Mar; his knowledge proved invaluable in enabling Drewen to reconvene the surviving members of his clan who had scattered throughout numerous countries when the red dragon invaded their home.

Golthar (Deceased)
Yellow-robed wizard and Master of the Iron Ring, haughty and utterly lacking in moral fibre. Allied with numerous goblin tribes to sweep homesteads around the Kelvin moors for ancient tapestries capable of showing the way to the Lost Valley of Hutaaka, where untold riches were said to lie waiting. Met a grisly end in the lower levels of the Temple of Pflarr within the Valley.

Young (orphaned) talking white dragon encountered by Lana in the Altan Tepes.

Gratidophalanion, Papinius
Highpriest of Valerias in Thyatis - helped Lucina Terrentine run away from her arranged marriage to a wealthy [much older] nobleman.

Greckly, Queen
Leader of the 'Kreepers' goblin tribe in the Dymrak Forest, a group of goblins too useless to be allowed into any other local tribes. Their tribe is based in the woods near Glaston; their Queen has undertaken not to cause bother to their human neighbours - or they will have Lana to answer to.

Grevenov, Piotr
Karameikan paladin and member of the Order of Griffon having been inducted by Oliver Jowett. Having been born into an impoverished Traladaran family Piotr was orphaned at a young age and became a (perhaps unlikely) ward of the Church of Karameikos. Early in his adventuring career he and his companions retrieved a stolen relic - the holy bell of Chardastes, patron of healing - and he has venerated that Immortal ever since. Can withstand magical fear and is able to tell truth apart from lies better than most; however those close to him worry that his outlook on the world is too black and white. Harbours deep-seated animosity toward the undead after a vampire delighted in ending the life of one of his closest friends.

Greznev, Mirko
Penniless Traladaran youth undergoing his Shearing by learning magic at the Tower in Glaston. A tall and strapping individual who hopes to become a powerful wizard to improve the lot of his (sizeable) family who are loggers operating out of Rugalov. A skilled carpenter and stargazer, he is also knowledgeable about Traladaran culture including the legends and ancient history of the land.

Greybeard, Dominicus
Cleric of the Church of Thyatis who wanders through Alfheim, caring for the Forest and maintaining close connections with the mercantile Chossum clan.

Lana's pet black bear, roams the woods around Glaston when not asleep in her barn or accompanying her apprentices. As a cub he was liberated from sadistic wood imps during Lana's 'clearout' of the Dymrak Forest in the vicinty of the site where she wished to found her tower.


Haaken, Prince Haldemar of
Popular Alphatian explorer and captain of the flying vessel 'the Princess Ark', favoured by Empress Eriadna for his many discoveries and conquests of territories in the name of the Empire. Was thought to have perished while returning from the Hollow World. Now back in the surface world, Eriadna has appointed him as her chief adviser on foreign policy and has charged him with overseeing the rebuilding the Alphatian sky-fleet after the burning of the shipyards in Aasla.

Native Karameikan and former student of Valtanivark, this wizard relocated to the Duchy of Kantridae in Thyatis to build his wizard's tower around a year ago. Having become one of Lana's closest friends the pair have performed many favours for one another and who knows what their future might hold. Has a loyal following of hill giants and other friends in the area around his home. Was recently involving in keeping Alphatian military forces from occupying Thyatian territory on the Isle of Dawn.

Hakrukar (Deceased)
Ageing patriarch of Alphaks who oversaw the desecration of the Grand Temple of Alphatia in Aasla and tried to expand his sect's power by allying with the beholder Zeloxar, then with the red dragon Infyrandax. Met a grisly end under the claws of two massive blue dragons, but was spared torture by members of his own order for having failed to secure Alphaks' position within the ruined city.

Halaran, Aleena
Blonde and beautiful priestess of the Church of Karameikos, lives in Tarnskeep and oversees much of the running of Threshold alongside her uncle Sherlane. An upholder of law, she has been known to wield a mace capably against the forces of Bargle the Infamous.

Halaran, Sherlane
Eminent Patriarch within the Church of Karameikos, left Thyatis to accompany Duke Stefan over thirty years ago and now rules Threshold from his fortified home Tarnskeep on the shore of Lake Windrush. Those who act within the confines of the law have nothing to fear from this seemingly affable old cleric, those who contravene his rules will find themselves subjected to swift and exacting justice. Does not allow weapons to be carried or spells to be cast within his town, except in cases of emergency. Lives with his niece Aleena (see separate entry)..

Hammeldar, Sir Arcolai
Rash young knight of Karameikos, charmed by a female devil swine into inciting war between a group of stone giants and the town of Penhaligon, the knight being sworn to protect the latter.

Von Happsburg, Karl
Heldannic Knight and Cleric of Vanya. Having distinguished himself in the regular military he has been marked for potential transfer to the Luftwaffe.

Female swordswoman who joined the 'junior' Karameikan party to earn removal by the Church of Karameikos of an evil curse. Once freed from the dark magic, she continued adventuring alongside the Church's heroes. Wears a ring of spell storing granting her access to a repertoire of effects, including lightning bolts. Also wields an enchanted double-handed sword.

Highnose, Toriscu
Self-important halfling law-enforcer within the halfling town of Ringrise.

Paladin of the Blue Star, based out of Eagret in the Alphatian Kingdom of Greenheight. This holy knight was bid by the head of his Order - a sect of ultra-lawful types - to confront three Karameikan wizards whose mission to Sundsvall would spell disaster for the cause of Good. While the Karameikans speculated that the Order might be under control of the evil Immortal Hel, they had no option but to incapacitate the paladin and his gold dragon mount Gelrak in the Aasla Spur Mountains in order to make their escape.

Hyraskos, Adriana
- see separate entry for Karameikos, Adriana.

Hyraskos, Devon
Son of Admiral Lucius, himself a naval officer within Duke Stefan's fleet, and current romantic interest of Adriana Karameikos (much to the disapproval of her mother Duchess Olivia).

Hyraskos, Admiral Lucius
Ageing admiral of the Karameikan Navy and adviser to Duke Stefan.

Gold dragon mount of Demetrion Karagenteropolous. Nicknamed 'the Hungry' on account of his voracious appetite, he has appeared to Lana twice in the form of a male elf.


Ibn-Ayman, Lord Badr
Minor nobleman who was imprisoned for inciting a riot in the arena of Tel Akbir; having returned from a trip to Ylaruam he claimed to have encountered a prophet in the desert who predicted the fall of Thyatis. He publicly accused the Alaysian people of betraying their heritage and called upon them to throw off the shackles of slavery imposed by the Thyatians so that they might return to the old ways of their people.

Gnarly old stone giant living with his wife, other family members and several pet cave bears in caves to the east of Penhaligon.

Female Alphatian magic-user, one of a dozen apprentices to the wizard Myskuramis.

Enormous red dragon, the largest Lana and Karnus had laid eyes on when they departed Aasla. The great red was chased from the ruined city when two blues arrived via the abandoned wormhole commuter network. It fled to the Aasla Spur mountains to nurse its wounds but is understood to have now returned, having been fully healed by an emissary of the dark Immortal Alphaks.

Karnus' apprentice, a Traladaran maiden and pupil at the Magicans' Guild who accompanied Karnus on a number of journeys before returning to the Guild to pursue her studies.

One of two blue dragons who travelled with his mate through a derelict vortex from a faraway plane to Aasla in mainland Alphatia. Finding the place burned and in ruins, the dragons selected an old museum as their lair and established an information network by taking in wards - mostly orphaned street urchins - to act as their eyes and ears. When the dragons learned of the presence of a great red by the name of Infyrandax they chased him from the city, claiming his hoard for their own. The dragons consider Aasla (and everything within it) theirs for the taking and may in time extend their influence into the greater Empire - when they can be bothered to get round to it.


Instructor at the Collegium Arcanum in Thyatis; known to wander other planes of existence from time to time.

Son of Lord Trokulan and a student of magic at the University of Sundsvall, also a capable public speaker. Current love interest of Princess Asteriella of Thyatis.

Jolenta (Deceased)
Female cleric and Reaver of the Iron Ring slavers; whether she followed a specific Immortal is unknown, more likely she honoured the philosophy of Chaos in general. Along with the mage Golthar she harboured a fascination for ancient hutaakan culture and it was she who commissioned the excavation which roused the mummified priestess Baqaphix from her thousand years' slumber.

Jowett, Lord Oliver
Patriarch of the Church of Karameikos and co-ordinator of its military division - the noble and prestigious Order of the Griffon.


Intelligent, talking white dragon mount of Sir Gustav Schmidt of Hattias, a former Knight of the White Drake. The wyrm chose to relocate his lair to Mount Leggio in northern Thyatis for the duration of the warmer summer months. Gifted Lana a portion of his scales to help with ice-based spell creation.

Karagenteropolous, Demetrion
Magist and adviser to Emperor Thincol, arguably the most powerful wizard within the Thyatian Empire (at any rate outside the Isle of Sclaras, where he owns an estate) and known to be a Knight of the Air in the Thyatian military. Ostensibly a decent chap - not lacking in moral fibre unlike so many of his countrymen. Fond of practical jokes.

Karameikos, Adriana
Eldest daughter of the Karameikan royal family, rumoured to be her father's choice for first in line to the throne. Does not get along with her mother, Duchess Olivia, and violently disapproves of her mother's choice of suitor - Desmond Kelvin. Left home at a young age to undergo the Traladaran 'Shearing' process on a voluntary basis and prove her independence.

Karameikos, Queen Olivia
Frosty and conniving yet an elegant and perfect hostess; the King's right hand woman, does not get on with her eldest child Adriana (whom she intends to pair off with Desmond Kelvin in marriage), dotes upon her youngest son Valen.

Karameikos, King Stefan
Ruler of the (former Grand Duchy) Kingdom of Karameikos, traded his family's ancestral lands for title to the wild area known as Traladara on the western periphery of the Thyatian mainland. Thincol assented, whereupon Stefan has spent three decades 'civilising' the area and resisting attempts on his life. Throughout that period Stefan has permitted other nations to view Karameikos as a Thyatian annex, thereby benefiting from the Empire's protection, but has re-evaluated and is seeking to establish Karameikan autonomy. Believes Thyatis may be doomed in the current War and has sought Eriadna's pledge that she will not aggress Karameikos if/when she moves to crush Thyatis.

Karameikos, Justin
Unassuming and modest middle child of Karameikos' ruling family, shrewd and level-headed but according to popular opinion unlikely to be either of his parents' choices for first in line to the throne.

Karameikos, Valen
Troublesome youngest child of the Karameikos family. Has run away from home on numerous occasions, much to the consternation of his over-protective mother in particular. Said to be Queen Olivia's choice for first in line to the throne, over his sister Adriana. Underwent the Traladaran 'Shearing' process of his own choosing.

Karlag (Deceased)
Magic-using 'Reaver' of the Iron Ring slaving organisation, with a propensity for inflicting torture on those capable of providing him with information, or just at his whim for sadistic pleasure.

Kartoeba (Deceased, at least twice?)
An immense, squid-like creature with connections to the ancient hutaakan civilisation, capable of controlling lesser undead. Ageless and believed to be a pure embodiment of evil; after the beast was slain within the Valley of Hutaaka it was resurrected (in slightly weakened form) by undead hutaakan priests performing a ritual outside the city of Kelvin. Whether a unique creature or an extremely rare species is unknown.

Kazakk (Deceased)
Ruler of the remote, eerie homestead known as Corran Keep in the mountainous northern region of Darokin; leader of a band of grey-skinned individuals whose natural lives were extended by the device known as the Mirror Shield - a technologic relic of a forgotten civilisation which trapped the lifeforce of the individual known as Rheddrian. Lord Kazakk's physiology warped to perhaps a greater extent than others, enabling him to emit electricity from his hands and to not need to breathe underwater.

Kelar, Faymir
Female water elf (or 'Alfasser') hailing from Minrothad, second-in-command of the Sapphire Spirit under Condric Arcan.

Kelvin, Desmond
Ruler of the city and barony which bear his name, prominent cleric in the Church of Karameikos with an efficient (if emotionless) way of doing things.

Kendasius, Countess Julia (Deceased)
Female cleric of Halav and defender of the Fortress of Kendach on the Isle of Dawn - fell in battle while defending her home against the Alphatian military (despite having vowed publicly to her townsfolk that the Fortress would never fall).

Kfordez (Deceased)
Hutaakan priestess whose actions in the Lost Valley revealed her to be duplicitous and untrustworthy - prepared to animate undead on a whim. This wanton abuse of her clerical abilities caused her very people and fellow priests to turn upon her.

Centaur of Alfheim and guardian of a number of elven steeds much sought after by humans.

Kogrin (Deceased)
Part-ogre jailer retained by the crazed wizard Skarda; sealed his own fate when he emptied a pail of slurry over Drewen.

Kopernikov, Yuri (Deceased?)
Devil swine, a conniving lycanthrope who used his abilities to charm and manipulate the townsfolk of Luln and Threshold, slaying many and feasting on their remains. Stole Lana's ring of telekinesis but was obliged to wear gloves while using it (to give himself an advantage when gambling) to keep the silver from touching his bare flesh. Believed to have been sentenced to death after being apprehended and placed into Sherlane Halaran's custody.

Korak (Deceased)
A green dragon dwelling within the Dymrak Forest, whose lair was stumbled upon by Karnus. The party justified its slaying Korak on the assumption that he was responsible for co-ordinating goblin attacks on Glaston and nearby settlements. Worryingly, while transporting the wyrm's hoard back to Glaston the group encountered a mysterious entity which would only identify itself as 'The Giver Of Names' - its green eyes glinted malevolently within the hood of its cloak. Might there be a more powerful green dragon than Korak walking the Dymrak in human form?

Vampiric lord of Karameikos' most haunted keep. Rumoured to have forged a pact with dark forces around two centuries ago, leading to his family's downfall.

Krinagar, Komughan
Glantian adventurer selected along with others by Etienne D'Ambreville to deliver a message to Empress Eriadna of Alphatia. Upon reaching Sundsvall Komughan's group is believed to have been framed for the murder of the Empress' consort - General Torenal - and claimed to have had their memories magically altered. With help from Galatia Allatrian and another mysterious benefactor the party managed a miraculous escape from Eriadna's dungeons and ever since have remained in Alphatia spreading acts of terror around Haven in order to weaken the Kingdom's ability to support the war effort against Glantri. Komughan informed Karnus and Lana in no uncertain terms that he will continue until Glantri wins the War, or he dies. His magical abilities are known to include animation of the dead and acid-based attacks.

Krinagar, Urmahid
Former Glantrian spy hailing from Braastar, now a Wizard Prince and Chancellor of the Princes having assumed the latter title following the death of Volospin Aendyr.

Krommar 'the Hammer'
Infamous hin pirate, bearer of a magical hammer enchanted to return to his grasp when thrown. Bested during sea combat off the coast of Karameikos, his current whereabouts are unknown - may have turned from his life of banditry.

Kubeck, Lareth (Deceased)
Chief townsman and guildmaster of the town of West Portage on the Isle of Dawn; a friend of Lana's father and on good terms with the travelling merchant calling himself Felix Mercaturius. Reported to have been executed by Alphatian invaders.

Queen of the Alphatian Kingdom of Haven; mostly delegates responsibility for ruling to her seneschal Lord Arythlyndar to enable herself to focus on matters she considers more deserving of her personal attention, such as the Arts.

Barrel-chested and bushy-bearded Patriarch of the Brotherhood of Thor in Thyatis.


Larandia, Dame
Leader of the Vyalia Foresters and the town of Foreston; tutors her followers equally capably in the ways of magic and weaponry.

Centaur of the moors outside Kelvin, protector of horses, able to change his shape from centaur to that of an immense black stallion.

Thyatian ex-military tactician, skilled archer and bearer of a magical ring of water walking.

Leprechaun encountered by Karnus on the Isle of Dawn; detected that the Perdissium family have a touch of the second sight and that Karnus himself has a touch of 'shadow' about his person.

Lutescu, Vlad
Overseer of Rugalov village and cleric of the Church of Traladara. With his thick, crooning accent he is suspected by many to be a vampire, but only exhibits acts of kindness and support to others.

Owner of a shop selling trail maps in the Alphatian port of Goltar.

Widow in Threshold whose attic was found to be infested with stirges.


Personal assistant to Patriarch Oliver Jowett of the Church of Karameikos in Specularum - in many ways his eyes and ears.

Marcus (Deceased)
Karameikan magic-user hailing from Kelvin and believed to be distantly related to Baron Desmond. His arm was reported to have been severed by ogre followers of the chaotic Immortal Jammadaru in the Caves of Chaos near Castellan Keep. Whether Marcus managed to escape from that encounter is unclear, yet his spellcasting career will certainly be at an end.

- see separate entry for Skarda

Marianita, Dona
Glantrian Ambassador to Karameikos, this diminutive but powerful wizardess enjoys a position of eminence in a land where magical knowhow is in short supply. 'La Dona' is reputed to be more advanced in arcane matters than her local peers such as Teldon or possibly Bargle. She has learned to endure the 'barbarity' of Karameikos and the absence of luxuries which are commonplace in her homeland.

Wizard of Karameikos whose origins are unknown. Has an obsession for the undead, animating and controlling them for a variety of purposes. Was forced to vacate his hideout in the basement of the Old Mill in Threshold, subsequently joining forces with a priest of Thanatos and is suspected to have later allied himself with vampires occupying catacombs beneath Thyatis City. He is reported by Karnus to be expanding his magical abilities by studying at the Great School of Magic in Glantri.

Medovici, Alonso
Darokinian lawyer and negotiator for his family's firm in Selenica. Though not naturally inclined towards the adventurer's life, he has found himself in a number of dangerous situations, mostly thanks to his association with one Antonius Tyrannon.

Mendez, Solchia
Swarthy-skinned cleric of Ixion, hailing from Darokinian. Like other followers of the Sun Immortal, able to summon fire on command and has improved ability when turning undead. Was actively encouraged by her Patron through visions and omens to adventure during the years leading up to the 'Wrath of the Immortals' in order to raise her power level.

Mercaturius, Felix
Seemingly happy-go-lucky, travelling merchant encountered by Glantrian emissaries on their way to meet Empress Eriadna in Sundsvall. He declined to specify his nationality but made an obscure reference to the Moon - with which he seemed to identify - needing to obscure the Sun's influence from time to time. On parting company from the Glantrian party in Aasla, he gifted their resident thief a trinket in the shape of a crescent moon dangling from a silver bracelet - this was believed to bear magical properties which helped the party to escape the Imperial Dungeons in Sundsvall.

Merovingi, Giovanni
Son of a wealthy Darokinian merchant, Giovanni rebelled against his father's wishes and joined up with the Whistlestop & Co Exploratory & Adventuring Company to seek his own name and explore the world.

Centaur of Alfheim.

Min-Shams, Zuhayr
Desert-dwelling prophet / dervish reported to have incited Ylari forces to re-take the Thyatian Baronies of Biazzan and Tel-Akbir; current whereabouts unknown.

Dottery wizard residing in the Silver Palace of the Vale of Haven; once the most eminent wizard in the Vale, old age (and possibly other factors) have taken their toll on the wizard's faculties though he continues to have good and bad days. Has amassed a sizeable volume of notes regarding his studies on the magical nature of Haven and its interaction with the sylvan realm of Faerie.

Happy-go-lucky hinmaiden whose jolly temperament and positive outlook suffered when an undead creature drained part of her life-force in a mine near the town of Ringrise - the first attack of this type that our party ever witnessed.

Ylari weaver living in the Foreign Quarter of Specularum, assisted Lana during the week-long process of creating her flying carpet.

Ageing Alphatian wizardess, believed to be around three hundred years old. Staunch proponent of the Arts and adversary of imperialistic expansion - her teachings gave rise to the Philosophy of Beautification, which has been taken to heart by the inhabitants of Haven in particular. Since her tower burned with the rest of Aasla, Mylertendal has resided at the Palace of her friend Queen Kryndylya yet Karnus and Lana via interplanar travel managed to uncover a hidden workroom at the base of her ruined tower where the wizardess is assembling a magical project dedicated to the Immortal Alphatia. After confessing their discovery of the chamber and its contents, Mylertendal is believed to have used a Wish or similar magic to erase all knowledge of the basement's existence from the younger wizards' minds.

Archmage of Alphatia whose 'tower' at the centre of an artificial desert in the Kingdom of Haven resembles an ancient burial monument. Professes an interest in Thothian culture but is suspected to have a deeper infatuation with the ancient rites of that civilisation which might permit the extension of mortal lifespans. Turned down a position on Alphatia's Council of Thousand Wizards to allow himself more time to pursue personal interests. Nevertheless his notional duty to the Empress prevents him from leaving Alphatia or the Prime Plane until the War is concluded - instead he sends his dozen apprentices to do his bidding where necessary.


'Nameless' (Deceased)
Threy's longlost twin brother, sired upon a Traladaran maiden by a member of the Karameikan clergy. His mother died during a violent storm while giving birth to the twins alone in the Black Peaks. 'Nameless' was absorbed by the sentient being born from the magic point at Stalkbrow, and was subsequently restored to life by the Powers of Neutrality though ultimately his physical and mental scarring proved too great for him to overcome.

Naramis, Ezekiel (Deceased)
Erewan elf who discovered a rare ore with magic-resistant qualities; Princess Carlotina tasked Karnus with advancing her deceased kinsman's findings.

Nazacretium, Polybius
Disgraced Minster for Sorcery in Thyatis; a bureaucrat and sniveling, conniving wretch of a wizard. Suspected by Lana to have sent an Invisible Stalker to slay a former confidant, Disintegrated a Judiciary official for good measure and sent a further Stalker to slay Lana herself - all to cover his tracks and disrupt the course of justice. His ambitions were said to include replacing Demetrion Karagenteropolus as Imperial Magist.

Thyatian slave originally from the Raven clans of the Hinterlands, captured at five years of age and sold into the house of Admiral Damercanus Terentine where he became the sweetheart of the Admiral's daughter, Lucina. The pair ended up running away together under the auspices of the Church of Valerias.

Nicodemus (Deceased?)
Thyatian magic-user and former apprentice to the necromancer Maximus, rejected the curriculum of the Collegium Arcanum and withdrew to its sewers to research methods of controlling the undead and constructs such as bone golems. Attempted to lure Lana to a gruesome fate in order to steal her magical treasures; he is believed to have died after she turned the tables.

Nikelnevich, Aleksyev
Karameikan cleric and figurehead of the Church of Traladara. 'Father Nikki' as he is affectionately referred to by many was exposed to a life-draining attack while escorting Vasily during a recent Night of Fire (or as the vampires are known to term it, 'Night of Fools') walkabout.

'No-Man's-Fool', Heldebaran
Wizard king of the island nation of Aegos, has his palace outside the town of Aegopoli and is reportedly an easy-going, likeable fellow. Seemingly leaves much of the local administration to his son, Prince Dromedon, presumably to allow himself more time for magical study.

Nuar, Karataku
Thyatian 'rake' (law-abiding thief), native Pearl Islander and weapons expert now living in Kerendas. Instructed Lana in the use of her dagger when Hadrian's own proficiency proved inadequate for training purposes. Promotes a philosophy of hard effort to become the best person one can be.

Nuar, Torkia
Dark-skinned adventuress from the Pearl Islands, encountered by the Darokin party when they enrolled in the Army of Aegos. Says little and largely keeps to herself. May have died in the earthquake caused when the tunnel between the upper world and the Hollow World unexpectedly collapsed.

Von Numchausen, Baron
Famed Glantrian adventurer who travelled throughout the Known World with his companions Dieter the Dragonslayer and Anneke of Altendorf in the years 910-930 AC. Visited Ylaruam, Darokin and Ierendi among other countries. Went on to publish memoirs under the title 'Amazing Adventures'.


Of unknown origin, overseer of the plane of existence known as 'The Observatory'. A servant of the Powers of Neutrality, Olmyndvar offered the party the chance to 're-balance' their individual characteristics. Believed to be tiring of his role, Olmundvar spent several months grooming Threy to be his successor but ultimately found him lacking.

Government official operating out of 'The Machine' in Thyatis.

Osteropolus, Senator Helenites (Deceased)
Highly corrupt (even by Thyatian standards) senator who plotted to seize Thincol's throne, had his misdeeds exposed and was reduced to slave status before being thrown into the same arena where his legionnaires slaughtered hundreds of innocent civilians.

Osteropolus, Pulcher (Deceased)
Foppish son of Senator Helenites who was assassinated on the steps of the Temple of Tarastia to prevent him from giving testimony against his corrupt father.

Thief retainer hired by the party for several missions, known to have operated out of the Thieves' Guild in Threshold. An ambitious supporter of his native Traladaran people, intends to assassinate Duke Stefan Karameikos one day. Believed to have joined the Veiled Society.


Pellagi, Anora (Deceased)
Priestess of Valerias and star-crossed lover of Karnus Perdissium; led a band of assistants to the ruined Principality of Blackhill after receiving a dream from her Patron - that of a beautiful rose growing from a seed. Operated a convalescence facility at Alpharyn until her calling as a cleric (outlawed in Glantri) became apparent, whereupon Karnus agreed to end her life via disintegration rather than leave her to a more grisly fate at the hands of the mob.

Penhaligon, Lady Arteris
Noblewoman of the Penhaligon Estate in Karameikos.

Perdissium, Atrid
Wife of Verenis and mother of Karnus and his Siblings. Atrid married Verenis when the couple met back in Kerendas, surounded by the faded glory of the Perdissiums. Eager for a fresh start, it was she that convinced her husband to visit the oracle, though she doesn't suspect that Verenis has kept the full truth of the prophecy from her. A devoted wife and loving mother and grandmother, her days are spent caring for the family home and spoiling her grandsons wherever possible.

Perdissium, Karnus
Wizard of Glantri, Illusionist of the Second Circle. Born in Specularum, Karnus now bases himself in Glantri, a land which he has come to regard as a second home. A graduate of the Great School of Magic, he has an affinity for magics affecting the mind, such as illusions and enthralments, and as such has demonstrated great potential for mastering the powers of his chosen craft. Skilled in alchemy and meditation techniques, Karnus is possessed of the ability to see glimpses of the future, and has been trained by the Wizards of Glantri to cast spells in a fraction of the normal time. A staunch supporter of Glantri in the war against Alphatia, Karnus has learned enough about the Principalities to know that its secrets must be guarded at all costs, and fears what may happen to the world should Alphatia succeed in its conquest. Despite his loyalty to his adopted home Karnus retains a strong affection for his homeland and the friends and family he has living there, and is secretly glad that Stefan Karameikos' pact with Alphatia ensures the safety of those he loves the most, leaving him free to proactively combat the Alphatian menace.

Perdissium, Kelsin
Karnus' brother - a sergeant in the Guard Phorsis and expert shot with a crossbow. Kelsin enjoys a reputation as a competent guardsman and prides himself on his comprehensive knowledge of Specularum, which he boasts gives him the ability to almost sense where trouble will occur on his watch.

Perdissium, Verenis
Father of Karnus and his siblings and Master of the Kingís stables. Verenis led the family from Kerendas to newly founded Karameikos at the behest of an oracle whom he consulted over the restoration of his family's once considerable fortunes. The oracle told him that his sons and daughters would prosper in Karameikos, but that this would come at a terrible price, a secret which he keeps from his family to this day.

Perdissium, Vintrus
The youngest of the Perdissium siblings, Vintrus led a life free of responsibility when he was younger, frequently disappearing from the family home for weeks at a time. Now a competent young man, few of his family know that he has grown influential in the Thieves Guild of Specularum, with a particular talent for the theft of information. Amongst his colleagues in the guild, he's built a reputation for impeccable timing and knowing exactly where and when to be to make the most of any situation.

Perdissium, Vorla
Karnus' younger sister. An up-and-coming cleric in the Church of Karameikos, Vorla has spent the last two years travelling throughout the Thyatian empire, tracking down those who were abducted from Karameikos at the same time she was herself enslaved by the Iron Ring. A devoted Cleric, it is rumoured she recently returned to Karameikos and has entered seclusion in a monastery somewhere in the Karameikan countryside. Word has reached her family that the immortals have blessed her with a great gift, which she and the senior members of the church are working to harness.

Petra van Colos (Deceased)
Nosferatu of Traladaran origin whom Lana prevented from transporting a substantial coffer of coins and gems into Thyatis; the one-time noblewoman was suspected to have allied herself with the Black Eagle Baron. After a showdown in the village of Rugalov the vampire and her coffin were destroyed.

Cooper working [seemingly unwillingly] as an agent of the 'Orphans' in Kerendas.

Piotrev, Irina
Freelance Traladaran wizardess working for the dwarves of Dengar City in Rockhome.

Platterman, Stubbs
Halfling proprietor of the Silver Swan Inn in Rifflian.

Elven townsmistress and chief trader of Rifflian, a riverside trading outpost within Karameikos.

Ptanophix (Deceased)
Hutaakan wizardess, one-time student of Xaphorteq, whose spirit Karnus awakened within a tomb in the Dymrak Forest. Relied heavily on the powers of a replica (black-wooded, purple-headed) Staff of Hutaaka buried alongside her; was able to take possession of others including the female archaeologist Anya who had been responsible for the excavation of her tomb. Sought to gain entry to the hidden catacombs of Krakatos in order to claim the Crown of Petra; was defeated shortly afterwards necessitating the destruction of her Staff.


Quickfinger, Jeremy
Resident thief in the Darokin party; agreed to temporarily trade places with Rheddrian to enable that individual to permanently escape the life-trapping device known as the Mirror Shield.


Seemingly a befuddled old Alphatian wizard, fascinated by pixies and dubious of werebadgers - but see separate entry for Sylazar.

Renabau, Ekystra
Pureblood Alphatian artist exhibiting her works in Glantri City in defiance of local hostility; her 'Studio of Wonder' being located in a tenement building behind a sturdy Wizard Locked door which is nevertheless badly hacked at and scrawled upon. Many of her works incorporate a kinetic element, a prime example being a living model of Glantri City.

Rezgale (Deceased)
Evil wizard who founded a tower in the mountains north of Threshold and was duelled to the death by Valtanivark when it came to light his (Rezgale's) magical specialism was to reanimate the corpses of the dead. Once Rezgale had perished, Valtanivark systematically began the process of reducing his rival's tower to rubble.

Being liberated by the Darokinian party from an enchanted Mirror found in Corran Keep in northern Darokin. Rheddrian claims to have journeyed to Mystara from a faraway world aboard a 'ship which travels between worlds' and is concerned that parts of his ship may have been tampered with, and could be leaking dangerous energy. Currently the benefactor of the Darokinian party.

Young cleric of the dark Immortal Alphaks last seen fleeing the ruins of Aasla, may have returned to his Order.

Rokanov, Nikolas
Lone wolf Karameikan warrior who conducts a personal vendetta against the humanoids that killed his family. Initially joined the 'junior' party to provide service to the Church of Karameikos - rescuing a sacred item from the rogue cleric Elwyn outside Threshold. Bitten by a werewolf, he now faces his greatest fight - against the monster within.

Romanov, Mereena
Bright young Karameikan woman of mixed descent (the uncommon scenario of her father being Traladaran, her mother Thyatian after Mereena's grandparents moved to Traladara at the same time as Stefan Karameikos) learning magic at the Tower in Glaston. Possesses an excellent memory for written detail in particular, to the extent that she comes across as a know-it-all. Takes her studies the most seriously out of all Lana's apprentices. Allows herself to succumb to distraction however and stresses unnecessarily.

Pearl-Islander cleric of Korotiku, travelling with her companions from the Isle of Dawn to Helskir.

Rumblestop, Flip
Foul-mouthed halfling cook serving aboard the Sapphire Spirit; a native of the Minrothad Guilds.

Rusmin, Deytar
Assistant Shepherd of Rad living in Glantri City.

Survivor of the meteor strike, hailing from Blackhill; an experienced swordsman fallen on hard times, availed of Karnus' offer of assistance to turn from alcoholism and overcome the nightmares of his past (including the loss of his family).


Santardos, Apolvara
Priestess of the Church of Karameikos who accompanied Karameikan troops to the Battle of Darokin.

Sarah (Deceased)
Apprentice to Halia Antonic, slain by the monstrous Fiend released from Skarda's Mirror.

Seemingly a young adept of the Church of Proteus in Goltar - but see separate entry for Sylazar.

Townsmistress of Luln, this capable swordswoman has the unenviable task of defending her newly founded town against bugbears and other forces sent by Bargle and the Black Eagle Baron, in addition to horrors emanating from Blight Swamp.

Scaramon (Deceased)
Brawny Karameikan mercenary who was retained by the party to defend them on a mission into the lair of the Bonebreaker orc tribe. Fell in one-on-one combat with the tribe's ogre champion and his body was washed away by an underground river. Afterwards, the party was exposed to hallucinogenic dust and believed Scaramon to have returned from the dead however that was not the case.

Schmidt, Sir Gustav
Thyatian Knight of the Air and Order of the White Drake, originally hailing from Hattias. Partly crippled in one leg after a former steed turned on him and stole his riches including a magical sword. Current steed is the talking white dragon Kaltvyndar.

Schonberg, Friedrich (Deceased)
A cleric of Thanatos, allied himself with the necromancer Maximus as part of a plan to amass an undead army in the mountains north of Threshold.

Schonberg, Gunther
Ierendi ambassador to Karameikos.

Scrim, Jerval
Virtuous cleric residing in Helskir. Formerly a servant of the local Immortal 'Drrynden' until it came to light this was Hel, Queen of the Damned, masquerading as another Immortal to spread havoc and suffering through the actions of unwitting pawns. Was slain by Hel's assassins but was restored to life by a member of a rival faith. Achingly handsome and with an impressive physique, as Lana will attest!

Main wagon-driver of the caravan used to transport new recruits of the Army of Aegos from Aegopoli to the new digging base at Pittstown; an old sea-dog and an appalling (but nonetheless enthusiastic) cook. May have perished in the earthquake caused by the collapse of the Alphatian-dug tunnel connecting the Hollow World to the surface world.

Sendelson, Viv
Pleasant and easy-going jeweller residing in Threshold who valued the party's early findings such as gems and trinkets of jewellery.

'Pure-blooded' Alphatian alchemist operating a store out of the town of Saddor.

Septimius, Titus
First Spear Centurion of the XIIth Legion of the Imperial Army of Thyatis, survivor of the fall of the Thyatian territories on the Isle of Dawn and a grim and determined warrior. Having watched his beloved army decay around him he is resolved to bringing glory and honour to his legion once again.

Strapping and handsome elf, Alfheim's ambassador to Karameikos and a trusted friend of Lord Valen.

Sharpstone, Blasco
Elder brother to Philbert, a 'Krondar' law enforcer in the halfling town of Ringrise.

Sharpstone, Philbert
Plucky halfling who stole battle plans from the study of the Black Eagle Baron, to pass to the Sheriffs of the Fire Shires whose lands Von Hendrikks hoped to invade.

Charming and attractive rake (i.e. a law-abiding thief) who escorted Lana during her mission on behalf of the Order of Tarastia to expose the scheming of a thyatian senator.

Female cleric of Alphaks, slain by Lana and Karnus in the basement of the ruined Library of Aasla. A ceremony which would have restored her to life was interrupted, or would have required the deaths of ten innocent people in Alphaks' name.

Siegmundsdottier, Brunnhild
Ostland-born priestess of Thor sent on secondment to Thyatis; a black sheep among the 'Brotherhood' to which she belongs. Slightly more demure than the average follower of Thor, she is knowledgeable about the legends of the North and comes into her own albeit in a creepy way in matters involving the Afterlife. Brave and steadfast, she ably holds her own in single combat with her hammer.

Skarda (Deceased)
Crazed, schizophrenic wizard of Karameikos - one side of his personality the peaceful old tutor of the Magicians' Guild who was believed to have perished in a house fire, the other the scheming wizard Skarda whose aspirations of rulership led him on raids of homesteads within Karameikos and ultimately to make an attempt on the life of Duke Stefan. His abuse of an Immortal artifact brought about its destruction, its contents spilling onto the Duke's hunting estate in Marilinev.

Shetruna (Deceased)
Female cleric and follower of the forbidden Immortal Alphaks, enemy of the Alphatian people. Died in the basement of the Great Library of Aasla after she and her associates masqueraded as peace-loving clerics of Alphatia. A ceremony to restore her to life (for which her dark Patron demanded the blood of ten innocents) was interrupted.

Silver Eye
Powerful lycanthrope, subjected to experiments by the Black Eagle Baron and Bargle the Infamous involving molten silver being poured into one of the werewolf's eye sockets, having the strange effect of augmenting the creature's strength and abilities. Serves as leader of 'the Pack' - a group of werecreatures and wild animals kept by the Black Eagle to hunt those who escape his oppressive dominion. After Lana enlisted help to remove his collar, Bargle gifted Silver Eye to the Master of Hule in return for support, the nature of which has yet to be revealed.

Cleric of the Immortal Zirchev and protector of a valley high in the freezing Altan Tepes which serves as a refuge for werecreatures. Able to assume the form of a great polar bear - whether this is an ability granted by his Patron or a form of controlled lycanthropy is unclear.

Sourbeard, Gorrick
Murderous dwarf, seen diving into the Streel River after crossing his fellow party members to gain more than his fair share of loot. Resurfaced in Athenos some time later.

Scholarly elf and leading authority on magic within the Longrunner clan of Alfheim. Despite his clan's non-tolerance of outsiders he has published a number of books on the subject of his magical specialism - divination magic and the movements of heavenly bodies - a number of which have made their way into Lana's personal collection.

Thyatian adventurer and hero of the common folk. He has equally been labelled 'a self-appointed do-gooder' and 'a deceiver and a charlatan.'

Head of a Traladaran family-run business trading horses out of Rifflian, whose homestead 'Sukiskyn' on the moors outside Kelvin was besieged by goblin tribes and Iron Ring slavers wishing to locate an enchanted tapestry showing the way to the Lost Valley of Hutaaka.

Alphatian mercenary and recent addition to the Army of Aegos alongside his companion the Nuari swordsmaiden Torkia. Of a similar demeanour - says very little and avoids social contact where possible. Believed to have perished in the earthquake which shook the town of Haldemar in the Hollow World when the tunnel leading to the surface world collapsed.

Stutrich, Niklaus
Sergeant of Prince Jaggar's Second Banner in Glantri, patrols Bergdhoven and Aalban out of Fort Nordling (east of the town of Leenz). Encountered by Lana during a fight against hellhounds and ashen humanoids. Bears a magical blade personally gifted to him by 'Prinz' Jaggar.

Gluttonous and hedonistic Thyatian wizard residing in Machetos; an eccentric gastronome who allows himself many indulgences. Flighty and unpredictable, he is capable of great generosity but equally is known to inflict punishment such as magical curses upon the slaves of his villa at the slightest whim. An accomplished goldsmith.

Sylarantharios (orse Sylarin)
Rapier-wielding elf from Darokin City, master of the art of defence and bearer of the Wanderer's Staff - a magical item with equal propensity for harm and healing. Keen entrepreneur; current treasurer and founding member of the Whistlestop & Co Exploratory & Adventuring Company offering a variety of services to the people of Darokin, and providing a convenient cover for the group's operations in support of the mysterious Rheddrian. Having journeyed further than many could imagine as part of his investigations he has returned to Darokin to assist in rebuilding it following the Master's invasion, and continues to follow up on possible leads for the party's mysterious benefactor.

Presented himself as a merchant hailing from Dunadale on the Isle of Dawn, first encountered by Karnus and Teldon in the mercantile guildhall in Helskir. This individual proceeded to track the wizards across the Alphatian mainland under various guises, for the purpose of reporting to Empress Eriadna. Whether the merchant Sylazar was the true identity of the individual beneath those many facades has not been substantiated.


Tanthalys (Deceased)
Younger of two Shepherds of Rad who accompanied Karnus on his exodus from Blackhill to Erewan. Died protecting refugees from kobolds and orcs.

Tatescu, Elynor-Andriette
Agent of Rheddrian operating out of Selenica in eastern Darokin, well-connected in Karameikos and Ylaruam.

Alphatian wizard acting as assistant to Barthyndelon; may have returned to Sundsvall following the completion of the improved Karameikan defences.

Thyatian by birth, this supporter of Stefan Karameikos moved to Traladara more than thirty years ago to assist in settling the land which would become the Grand Duchy. Single-handedly founded the Magicians' Guild of Specularum which is regarded (moreso following the demise of Valtanivark) as the only proper institution for magical learning in the land. While good-natured, Teldon's dottery persona belies a clever and resourceful mind which, as Valtanivark informed his apprentice Lana, means any arrangement requiring the wizard's input will end up benefiting Teldon as much as any other person. Retains knowledge of seamanship from his earlier adventuring career. Experiences nightmares involving beholders. Currently taking a two year sabbatical in Alphatia; has delegated responsibility for running the Wizards' Guild to Halia Antonic.

Televici, Alcino
Moustachio-ed proprietor of the Mages' Hostelry in Glantri City, known to hold invisible stalkers under permanent enthralment to act as his establishment's serving staff.

Teranlos, Ariana
Thyatian cleric of 'the Silver Hunter' and fanatical slayer of lycanthropes. Rallied a group of farmers, loggers and huntsmen to pursue a vendetta through the Vyalia Forest - resulting in many normal animals such as bears being found wounded by silver arrows and other weaponry. After she was found attacked and left for dead by an unknown opponent, it transpired a doppelganger (wearing the symbol of a frothing goblet) had stolen her identity to incite hatred against the 'foul Karameikans'.

Magical instructor within Sundsvall; ordered by Empress Eriadna to personally tutor Princess Asteriella of Thyatis and her lady-in-waiting Galatia Allatrian in the ways of magic.

Terrentine, Damercanus
Admiral of the First Imperial [Naval] Fleet of Thyatis, forced his daughter Lucina into an arranged marriage.

Terrentine, Lucina
Daughter of the Admiral of the First Imperial [Naval] Fleet of Thyatis, prayed at the Temple of Valerias that she might escape her marriage to a wealthy noble who was twenty-five years her senior and ended up running away to the wilds of the Ylari desert (of all places) with her childhood sweetheart the Hinterlander slave Niallan.

Tezria 'the Bandit Princess'
Former bodyguard who was appalled when her master, an eminent wizard, fled the burning city of Aasla with his precious spellbooks but not a care for the servants he left behind. Abandoned, Tezria's resentment for the ruling classes heightened to a level where she considered allying with the dark followers of Alphaks to expand her power. She contemplates revenge from the tower she occupies in Aasla which was previously the base of her inflicted servitude.

High-ranking cleric of the Order of the Blue Star, a ultra-lawful sect who were thrown out of Karameikos for their controversial preachings, and re-established themselves in Alphatia. Now based out of Eagret in the Kingdom of Greenheight, also with a shrine in Dovir. Acting on visions sent by his anonymous Immortal patrons, Thelnastis despatched followers to hinder Duke Stefan's emissaries from reaching their audience with Empress Eriadna.

Immortal Guardian of the Vale of Haven; invoked in that location to a greater extent than the Traladaran 'Big Three'.

Cleric of Karameikos. Abandoned as a child, his longlost twin brother perished after being subjected to interplanar travel at the evil magic point within Alfheim known as Stalkbrow. His father is understood to be a high-ranking individual within the Church of Karameikos. Threy's direction in life has never been clear and, while finding purpose in the company of his friends, he is currently roaming the wasteland of Sind, far to the west of the Known World, having been deposited there by the powers of Neutrality after he failed to prove his suitability to replace the overseer of the mini-plane known as the Observatory.

Throick 'son of Oick'
Leader of the organisation known as 'The Thorns', a collective of dwarves dedicated to spreading disruption through Alfheim.

With her sister Zelzara and a flock of pet rocs, one of two cloud giantesses occupying a castle above the skies of Ylaruam; a voracious carnivore.

Centaur of the Canolbarth Forest, brother to the centaur filly Diella.

Torenal (Deceased)
Alphatian military co-ordinator and lifelong consort to Empress Eriadna despite his lack of magical ability. Last seen conversing with a group of Glantrian envoys, his remains were found in a dingy tenement building in a slum area of Sundsvall. His murder, for which the Glantrians were believed to have been framed, was one of the events which escalated the start of the war known as 'the Wrath of the Immortals'. Why Eriadna's magic failed to return him from the dead remains unclear.

Torida, Helena
Karnus' twin sister, Helena shirked the adventurous life which her siblings have chosen and instead occupies her time in raising her two sons Robert and Thomas and running her husband's business. A shrewd businesswoman, she is possessed of an uncanny instinct for a good deal, and has been instrumental in transforming her business into one of the most successful in Specularum.

Torida, Vantis
Husband of Helena and son of an small merchant family. While Vantis remains the face of the operation, few would believe that is his wifeís business instinct that have made the family one of the most successful merchant businesses in the city.

Torkia (Deceased)
Pearl Islander warrior woman, believed to have perished during the catastrophe at Haldemar.

Torion, Asteriella
Princess of Thyatis residing in the Imperial Palace of Sundsvall in Alphatia; a diplomatic hostage in exchange for Prince Tredorian, son of Eriadna. Learning magic from Master Terari. Her ladies-in-waiting include Galatia Allatrian.

Torion, Gabriela
Empress of Thyatis, now in her sixties, her face is etched with all the cares of the years. Has been cheated upon countless times by her husband the Emperor.

Torion, Stefania
Elder sister of Asteriella; was forced into an arranged marriage at a young age and stabbed her husband to death on their wedding night.

Torion, Thincol
Ex-gladiator, Emperor of Thyatis - brooding, dour and unemotional. Was assisted by his magist, Demetrion, amid the Alphatian Spike Assault around fifty years ago when the Alphatians tried to reclaim Thyatis and the previous Emperor Gabrionus was slain. Thincol took the hand of Princess Gabriela in marriage to secure his position but is understood to maintain a number of mistresses including the warrior-woman Anya.

Treelife, Arloen
Elven government official based in Alfheim Town, co-ordinates monster hunts amongst other matters.

Treeshield, Lauranthas (Deceased?)
Elf of one of the clans of the Vyalia Forest and adventuring companion to Hadrian and Karataku. May have perished during conflict with the Alphatians on the Isle of Dawn.

Alphatian sculptor whose longing to immortalise Lana's 'barbarian beauty' via his art jeopardised the mission to Sundsvall and resulted in temporary incapacitation; nevertheless his pieces are acclaimed within Haven and some feature in the garden dedicated to Queen Kryndylya's favourite works of statuary.

Tremontaine, Phoenix
Prominent priestess of Ixion within the Kingdom of Darokin.

Trenzantenbium, Lucinius (historical figure, Deceased)
First king of Thyatis whose reign proved short-lived. Thyatian-born but Alphatian-trained mage who conducted duels and slew opponents (by most accounts using cunning but underhanded tactics) in order to weaken Alphatian control of territories which now make up Thyatis. Considered a traitor by the Alphatian people. Was slain by his closest friend and co-conspirator, General Zendrolion who went on to become first Emperor. Empress Eriadna currently possesses the Staff of Lucinius, a unique magical item crafted by the dead king, having confiscated it from Lana.

Troikithus (Deceased)
Alphatian elf caught spying on behalf of Empress Eriadna at the Great School of Magic; after his body was found floating in a Glantrian canal the Empress issued a statement accusing the Wizard-Princes of harbouring the followers of dark Immortals and of using 'forbidden' magics.

Member of the Council of Thousand Wizards and an outspoken opponent of Empress Eriadna regarding the ongoing War with Glantri and Thyatis, which he considers is contrary to Alphatia's best interests.

Tyrannon, Antonius
Charming Thyatian rogue. Having escaped his native slums of Port Lucinius, Antonius travels the length and breadth of the Thyatian Empire (with a rapidly expanding list of cities he is unable to return to) in the company of his sworn protector the barbarian Conor. Owns a magical ring of animal control, and a boat he stole from Lana. Currently believed to be exploring ancient ruins in the deserts of Ylaruam.

Tutier, Jean-Paul
Flamboyant Glantrian designer of bespoke fashion, believed to hail from the region of Nouvelle Averoigne. Has a boutique and studio off the Kash Flow in Glantri City.

Tylion IV
Ex-emperor of Alphatia and father of Eriadna; was persuaded to abdicate in favour of his daughter when his Spike Assault to reclaim Thyatis as part of the Alphatian Empire failed spectacularly.


Bedraggled and homeless cleric of the Immortal Asterius in Dovir. Since his Temple burned to the ground around a year ago (the burning being attributed to Glantrian elves) and his Patron fell so sharply from public favour it appears unlikely the shrine will be rebuilt any time soon.

- see separate entry for Izularyt

Cleric of Odin from the Northern Reaches; attended the Battle of Darokin and landed the blow which slew the wizard Alrethus.


Valentia 'the Justiciar' (historical character, Deceased)
Wife of the first Thyatian Emperor, accredited with having founded the Empire's system of law based on her Citizens' Proclamation. Less well-known is the fact she was a powerful spellcaster, and was the half-sister to Lucinius Trenzantenbium on whose death she took up his staff and entrusted it to the clerics of the Immortal Tarastia.

Valtanivark (Deceased)
Wizard of Karameikos who built his tower outside the town of Threshold. A trusted friend of local ruler Sherlane Halaran, Valtanivark died defending Threshold and its inhabitants against the minions of his one-time apprentice, Bargle the Infamous. Valtanivark's other pupils of note included the mage Hadrian, Claransa the Seer and Lana Budanter.

Karameikan alchemist who persuaded his son to sample concoctions which led to the youth's death. In desperation, Valtius summoned an earth elemental through a device he owned, which risked causing damage to the citizens of Specularum. Was given a custodial sentence by Duke Stefan.

Varezeno, Maurenus (Deceased)
Glantrian 'geomancer' who raided the Great Library at Dengar for an ancient text which, he claimed, offered the opportunity to avoid a cataclysm of some type. When the librarians refused to co-operate he killed many of them. Karnus and Lana tracked him to a nearby mountainside and a further confrontation developed - the Glantrian was handed over to the local authorities. Maurenus displayed affinity for magics relating to the element of earth, such as the ability to summon an elemental then not maintain concentration, and even be able to converse freely with the summoned creature. Whether his claims of impending doom were true remains to be seen. It is likely King Everast condemned the wizard to death for the atrocities he committed.

Elf and senior diplomat operating out of the Darokin Diplomatic Corps mission based in Sundsvall.

Vezaron, Deceptus (Deceased)
Spellcasting doppelganger who posed as a sage and assessor of rare magical paraphernalia, based in the Bricktop District of Specularum. His premises underwent a re-fit to become the Flying Ferret Inn. He and fellow shapeshifters plotted to replace prominent members of state within Karameikos and eventually overthrow Duke Stefan. Their insignia was two claws clutching at a book.

Vlakk (Deceased)
Hobgoblin warlord of Karameikos, often encountered riding an ice wolf. Joined with the Iron Ring slavers to hunt for the Lost Valley of Hutaaka. Slain by Vasily.

Von Hendrikks, Ludwig
- description to follow.

Vorloi, Philip
Karameikan nobleman and leading merchant; a relative of Halia Antonic.


Magic-using accomplice of Helenites Osteropolus - 'the one that got away' after he sent an invisible stalker to murder witnesses who were planning to give evidence at the senator's trial. Demetrion was planning to trace and find out more about this individual. May have quit Thyatis and relocated to the Isle of Dawn or Norwold.

Whitehall, Estella
Retired businesswoman now residing in Specularum as Darokin's ambassador to Karameikos.

Lana's pet giant ferret, now rather old. Was freed from the basement of a secret Church of Thanatos beneath Threshold - the clerics had been keeping several of the animals to control vermin however the ferrets were kept in atrocious conditions and came close to starving. Lana has never attempted to train Whiskers who is unruly and acts as he pleases. While he rarely responds to commands, he has been known to rush to Lana's defence e.g. when Lana was kidnapped from the Flying Ferret Inn by being absorbed into the Immortal artifact known as Skarda's Mirror, and when combating a hydra at a magic point within Alfheim. For all his valiance Whiskers almost died after being bitten by the monster, but was restored to life by a kindly druidess. Was one of a handful of survivors when Bargle fireballed the Flying Ferret. Whiskers ran away from the Inn at one point and was tracked to a warehouse within the docks at Mirror Bay, where he mated with a ferretess which had escaped from a travelling show from Thyatis. Their union resulted in the birth of Denkris (see separate entry). More recently, Whiskers was infected with lycanthropy by the Alphatian wereferret calling herself 'Edna' (at Lana's suggestion); he is now able to assume human form and can speak and dress himself, though his human form is elderly. The pair have been traveling through Karameikos for some time.

Whisper (Deceased?)
Grey-furred feline companion to the wizard Valtanivark, current whereabouts unknown. May not have survived the assault on Valtanivark's tower by Bargle and his minions.

Whistlestop, Dudley
Entreprenurial halfling from Darokin, founding member alongside his business partner Sylarin of Whistlestop & Co Exploratory & Adventuring Company. A keen explorer and cartographer, he is also knowledgeable about Darokinian folklore. Bearer of a ring of invisibility and enchanted shield, also wears a wide-brimmed floppy hat. Recently (1007AC) returned to the Known World having journeyed through one of the planet's polar openings to escape the Hollow World.


Xaphorteq (Deceased)
High Wokan of the Hutaakan Empire, operated out of Bixata which in its day was a centre for magical learning. His life's legacy was the Staff of Hutaaka which passed to Karnus after a millennium of non-use. Before unlocking the Staff's mysteries, Karnus and his companions encountered Xaphortek in mummy form and appeased his restless spirit.


Hardened ex-gladiator and weapons trainer at the Coliseum in Thyatis City.

de Yarazquez v Cientos, Sofia Galena
Diminutive Belcadiz elfwoman, consultant member of the Monster Hunters' Union based out of New Alvar.

Yazafadres (Deceased)
Former magist to Baron Babrak of Biazzan; sought to betray his employer by offering to ally himself with Ylari invaders though they would have nothing to do with his self-serving treachery. Was imprisoned by Demetrion Karagenteropolous only to be killed by 'bad air' in his cell shortly before the matter of his desertion could proceed to trial.

Famed Traladaran songstress from Luln, often found performing at the Black Heart Lily in Specularum.


Zaar, Eruul
Formidable warrior and ruler of the town of Helskir on the northernmost tip of the Isle of Dawn. When asked by Lana and Karnus to assist in tracking a group of assassins, he seemed glad that something was happening to break the monotony of ruling.

Griffon-riding Prince of Alphatia with an interest in anything related to the magics of Air. Haughty and ill-at-ease in most situations, he does not ever appear to rest. Seemingly cannot wait for his mother, Eriadna, to step down as ruler of Alphatia so that he can assume her role.

Zante, Pandita
Copper-class Darokinian of Sindhi descent who, after the Master's forces slaughtered her husband and family, observed Lana fight at the Battle of Darokin and relocated to Glaston to continue her magical studies. Possesses a shrewd business intellect and is the eldest and most rational of Lana's apprentices. In private she enjoys indulgences such as luxurious bathing, and is addicted to strong black coffee which she considers sharpens the mind. A talented alchemist.

Seemingly a kindly old Alphatian wizardess - see separate entry for Sylazar.

Zeloxar (Deceased)
A beholder crimelord who sought alliance with clerics of Alphaks in the ruins of Aasla; believed to have travelled to the Prime Plane via the wormhole commuter network connecting to the Ethereal Plane. Slain by the wizard Teldon.

With her sister Thylia and a flock of pet rocs, one of two cloud giantesses occupying a castle above the skies of Ylaruam; a carnivore.

Zendrolion (historical figure, Deceased)
First Thyatian Emperor, co-conspirator to Lucinius in safeguarding Thyatis' borders and repelling Alphatian overseers. Slew his friend to take the Imperial Throne.

Zerben, Kelter
Ex-soldier of the Darokinian military, now serving the Army of Aegos. Seemingly an all-round nice chap. Valiant and strapping which earned him Adriana's attention in particular. Wields a two-handed sword with great ability and (oddly) claims to be a servant of the Immortal 'Balthac', a dragon-slaying figure from Darokinian folklore.

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