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The Heroes of our Tale
Meet our intrepid adventurers - Lana, Drewen, Threy, Karnus and Vasily.

The Who's Who Page
A rundown of characters who have featured in our campaign over the years.

The Grand Duchy of Karameikos
Online Gazeteer - uncover a map and information on the Grand Duchy, homeland to our adventuring party.

Rezgale's Ruins (full narrative)
A complete account of our party's first ever adventure together. The wizard Valtanivark sends his apprentice and her friends to explore the ruined tower of a deceased rival, though the dead wizard's servants still prowl the grounds.

The Toppled Temple (full narrative)
Threy receives a mission from the Elders of his church - to explore the catacombs beneath a Church of the Immortal Thanatos in Threshold which was destroyed by a mysterious earthquake.

Early Days (summary of level 1)
The party is born! Their first quest involves exploration of Rezgale's Ruins in the mountains to the north, the catacombs beneath a toppled church within Threshold, our clear-out of the insect-infested Old Mill on Fogor's Isle and our first run-in with the necromancer Maximus.

The Later Levels - Part One (summary of levels 2-4)
After a savage attack on Threshold by local werewolves, our party passes beyond the town walls in search of greater adventure. Lana's ring of telekinesis is stolen by a devil swine named Yuri Kopernikov. The black dragon Falaryx terrorises the town of Luln, and the party enter Blight Swamp to end the threat. In battle Threy is saved from death by a dying prayer to his Immortal patrons. A band of doppelgangers plot to assassinate and replace leading members of state in the city of Specularum - the party's foiling of this treason earns them ownership of a property in the city, and The Flying Ferret Inn is born!

The Later Levels - Part Two (summary of level 5 and onward)
The party gains two important additions in the forms of Karnus and Vasily. The mountain logging camp is attacked by an undead horde controlled by Friedrich Schonberg, priest of Thanatos, and his ally the ever-elusive necromancer Maximus. A crazed alchemist looses an Earth Elemental upon the Foreign Quarter of Specularum and a fearless Lana engages the creature in one-on-one combat. After lengthy research and years spent gathering information Drewen undertakes a quest to Makrast, far to the west, where a fabled suit of dwarven platemail lies at the centre of a deadly dungeon, awaiting the arrival of its one true owner. The party meets a man named Steven, wishing to hire our heroes to escort a pack of fine white horses, and so journey to his family's home east of Kelvin. (start of module Night's Dark Terror).

Night's Dark Terror
The Sukiskyn homestead is beset by goblin and hobgoblin hordes under command of the slaver wizard Golthar. The humanoids seek a map showing the whereabouts of a fabled Valley, and plunder dozens of innocent homesteads along the way. Steven is abducted and a lengthy rescue operation ensues. The party discovers the forgotten hutaakan settlement of Xitaqa. Golthar makes his escape. The party gains possession of the map and sets out for the Lost Valley with the ruthless operatives of the Iron Ring hot on their heels.

Terror darkens
The mountain expedition to the Valley exhausts the party - along the way they encounter a gnoll army, manticores and griffons and even a rogue earth elemental runs amok. Karnus acquires a wand of polymorphing without realising the item is cursed and even displays a degree of sentience. At long last the party reaches the ancient gates, combats the guardians and enters the Lost Valley.

The Lost Valley of Hutaaka - Part One
The party explore the Valley and spend time as guests of both the Traldar and Hutaakan peoples. The evil wizard Golthar, Master of the Iron Ring, has also located the Valley and pursues the party relentlessly. The heroes assist the Hutaakan priests in carrying out a ritual to appease restless undead spirits.

The Lost Valley of Hutaaka - Part Two
The party explores the catacombs beneath the Great Temple of Pflarr. The wizard Golthar meets a grisly end and the party battles the ancient beast Kartoeba, though with fatal consequences for one of their members - Threy loses his life in valiant defence of his comrades. The lost treasures of the Hutaakans are uncovered. The priestess Kforedz reveals her true colours, and the party departs the Valley amid civil war.

Lana's Adventures in Thyatis - Part One and Part Two
Lana leaves the Grand Duchy to indulge personal pursuits. She spends time training alongside the mage Hadrian of Kantridae, also a former pupil of Valtanivark, and the rake Korataku Nuar of the Pearl Islands. Here she improves her skill with the dagger; after service among the ranks of the Foresters of the Thyatian Empire she is instructed in magical control of woodland wildlife. After travelling the length and breadth of the Empire, the young wizardess uncovers knowledge of the fabled Staff of Lucinius in the libraries of Thyatis City.

Individual Exploits
Details of the party members' individual adventures during the time after the journey to uncover the Valley of Hutaaka.

The Adventures of Karnus - Part One and Part Two
Karnus completes two personal quests - one to restore the soul of a dying dryad whose tree is under threat, the other toward gaining mastery of the powers of the uniquely mysterious Staff of Hutaaka.

The Party Reforms?
Lana and Karnus both return from their wanderings and the five heroes regroup. Karnus leads clerics and dwarf into the hutaakan ruins outside Threshold and therein finally becomes the one true master of the Staff. Lana herself combats bugbears in the forests outside town, alongside the Duke's Elven Guard! The minions of Bargle are at large...

Dragonhunt - Part One and Part Two
The five seek Korak, a green dragon living in the Dymrak Forest and a potential threat to the nearby inhabitants of Specularum... Employing the Staff of Hutaaka for the first time, Karnus puts on a obliterative show of force against the dragon crimelord.

The Tale of Skarda's Mirror
While stopping by Threshold, our heroes hear of the plight affecting nearby Verge, where the home of the Antonics has been invaded by an unstoppable monster - a Mirror Fiend. The companions scour the Tower to end the threat of the Fiend, and find clues as to the disappearance of Halia and Retameron! (adapted from the module Skarda's Mirror)

A fleeting episode in the lives of our heroes, following events described in "The Tale of the Mirror".

Through the Looking Glass and The Mirror Crack'd
The tale of our heroes' fight against the demented archmage Skarda, bearer of a powerful artifact designed by the Immortals themselves; interestingly, this episode involves the party's first direct encounter with Duke Stefan Karameikos.

The Republic of Darokin
The party's first experience travelling through the northern merchant realm of Darokin.

Dragonquest - the Quest to the Altan Tepes
Our adventures in the bleak northern Altan Tepe mountains, where Lana hoped to obtain scales from a family of white dragons. The party end up confronting frost giants in their defence of the outpost known as Castellan Keep.

Fort Doom
The tale of our expedition to Fort Doom under the cunning guise of turnip merchants! A run-in with Bargle the Infamous, Baron Ludwig von Hendrikks and even the cleric Jolenta of the Iron Ring leaves the party with no option but to escape through desolate Blight Swamp though help is at hand to assist their safe passage.

The Five Shires
Having fled the Black Eagle Barony and managed the hazardous trek through Blight Swamp, the heroes deliver stolen battle plans to the hin Sheriffs and find time for sightseeing and relaxation in the idyllic Shires. All is not peaceful though - the heroes uncover the legend of the Wardlystone Witch, unwittingly unleash a demon, confront a powerful wraith, hunt down bandits, and Threy singlehandedly takes on a tribe of orcs!

The heroes arrive back in Karameikos to the destruction of their Inn by Bargle the Infamous and learn of the murder of the wizard Valtanivark. Lana undertakes a solo mission to slay a white dragon in order to block out the reality of this double tragedy.

In Pursuit of Jolenta
The remainder of the party scour the lands east of Highforge in search of the Iron Ring operative Jolenta, ally of Bargle who possesses a number of the party's magical items. Jolenta leads the heroes to an ancient hutaakan settlement, where the foolish cleric rouses a spirit of considerable might from its slumber...

The Battle to Save Kelvin
The mummified hutaakan priestess Baqaphix is woken from her slumber by the meddling cleric Jolenta, and leads her undead army on the city of Kelvin. Thankfully our heroes can intervene to save the day!

A Change Would Do You Good - Part One and Part Two
The tale of our auxiliary Thyatis party's first ever adventure together, penned and DM'd for the first time by yours truly!

The Adventures of Antonius
An evening in the life of that loveable (ahem) thyatian rogue Antonius, escaping the clutches of his past in the slums of Port Lucinius. Written by Alastair.

Lana in Thyatis - the Search for the Staff - Part One and Part Two
Lana journeys to the Empire of Thyatis seeking the long-lost Staff of Lucinius. Here she adventures with the Thyatian party - the group struggles against corruption and scheming to bring a treasonous senator to justice. Lana must prove her worthiness to the Church of Tarastia to become the rightful bearer of the Staff... (adapted from the module Legions of Thyatis)

Travels in Thyatis
A tale of our various accomplishments from the course of play last summer. Including an account of the rescue of the Ylari ambassador from the fanatical Storm Soldiers of Hattias, Karnus' epic sea-voyage to hunt down the slavers who kidnapped his sister Vorha, Lana's attempts to save the denizens of Thyatis from being "zombified" by the necromancer Maximus (and his mysterious underground allies), the Darokin party discovering a volatile relic of the Blackmoor period, and more.

Journey to Rockhome
Led by Drewen our party ventures into the mountainous region known as Rockhome. Here they fight trolls, hunt down a rogue Glantrian magic-user, and Drewen uncovers the remainder of his father's clan which he can only hope to re-unite by slaying a fearsome red dragon.

Penhaligon in Peril
Upon returning to Karameikos the party uncovers dark forces conspiring to plunge the estate of Penhaligon into chaos. We hunt a rogue knight, pacify a group of wronged stone giants and do battle with a group of evil lycanthropes.

The Siege of Glaston
Lana returns home to the village of Glaston to find operatives of the ubiquitous Iron Ring holding knives to the throats of her fellow villagers.

The Night of Fire
Our party protects a waylaid merchant caravan from a troupe of vampires on the night when according to traladaran superstition lost treasure is said to glow with magical light. No treasure as such is uncovered, but the party earns the gratitude of the travelling sage Aurellian.

Lana's Clearout
Having reached Name level, Lana recruits mercenaries and sets about clearing the wilderness around the site where she hopes to construct her Tower, near the village of Glaston on the fringes of the foreboding Dymrak Forest.

Journey to Alfheim - Part One and Part Two
Valen Karameikos, Prince of the Grand Duchy of Karameikos and favoured child of Duchess Olivia, goes missing, rumoured to have travelled north into the magical Canolbarth Forest. Our party agrees to undertake a search of Alfheim in an attempt to track down the Prince, but perils aplenty arise along the way.

Showdown At Stalkbrow and Flight from the Shadowelves
The party must confront a powerful foe and their own personal demons in an effort to safeguard Valen Karameikos, themselves and greater Alfheim from the malice of an evil being born from the magic point known as Stalkbrow. The party are subsequently forced to flee the site, taking part in a grand hunt before returning home to Karameikos via Darokin which is being beset by strange creatures.

Duel of the Wizardesses
At the Alfheim magic point known as Ironbark, Karnus and Lana are roped into overseeing a showdown between rival sorceresses - one Alphatian and the other Glantrian - but must unexpectedly defend themselves against a powerful (Ethengarian...?) interloper.

The Rugalov Vampire
Shortly after New Year 1006 Lana is called to Rugalov village to fend off an undead threat.

Letter from Glantri
Karnus sends news of his experiences since enrolling at the Great School of Magic in Glantri City.

The Flying Carpet
To manufacture a flying carpet, Lana travels to the desert nation of Ylaruam where her exploits bring her into contact with a Makistani sorcerer, gold and blue dragons, the magical and freewilled race of the djinn with their great cities in the sky, and a pair of cloud-dwelling giantesses.

Journey to Glantri
Ordered by Teldon to seek Karnus as a matter of urgency, Lana speeds north on her flying carpet passing through besieged Darokin City, battling the airborne minions of the Master of Desert Nomads and other foes before at last arriving in Glantri City ... only to be jailed on the spot and be thrown into the Tower of Sighs.

Adventures in Glantri - Part One, Part Two and Part Three
Lana spends time in the Tower of Sighs then is released only to find Karnus isn't at home. She passes the time waiting for him to return by doing what she does best - shopping, sightseeing and sampling local cuisine. She heads into the wilds of Bergdhoven and Aalban to investigate reports of ongoing monster appearances. Will she manage to persuade Karnus to return home to Karameikos?

Journey to the Hollow World - Part One, Part Two and Part Three
The Darokinian party travels to the island nation of Aegos and uncovers a mammoth project by the Alphatian Empire - to bring together two separate worlds. After an arduous journey through Mystara's very core, catastrophe awaits in the form of a misguided cleric by the name of Kelter Zerben.

Sea Voyage to Alphatia
At the behest of Duke Stefan Karameikos, Karnus and Lana must escort Teldon across the Sea of Dawn to the faraway Empire of Alphatia to negotiate a treaty with none other than Empress Eriadna herself ... perils aplenty beset the trio as their mission attracts attention from powerful onlookers.

Adrift on an Ocean of Dreams
Karnus spends time with the ship-wrecked Alasiyan fisherman Hosni and manages to quieten whatever magical interference had been plaguing the poor man's memories.

The Alphatian Mainland
After a lengthy sea journey our party disembarks in the port of Goltar. Heading inland we spend time at the "Tower" of Myskuramis, a powerful land-owning wizard whose infatuation with the connection between Thothian and Hutaakan culture comes close to costing Karnus dearly.

Karnus on the Hutaakans
An audience with the wizard Myskuramis prompts Karnus to recount the party's experiences unearthing the forgotten mysteries of the nation of Hutaaka - the full text of that discourse is set out here.

The Road to Aasla
Departing Myskuramis' Pyramid while the going seems relatively good, the three wizards travel on to the once-great city of Aasla, now a smoking ruin deserted by most of its former inhabitants. Along the way our group experiences many of the unique features of the Kingdom of Haven.

The Burned City of Aasla - Part One, Part Two and Part Three
The Karameikan wizards indulge their curiosity and explore the desolation which was once the cityport of Aasla. There they participate in a power struggle between factions including a beholder crimelord, a pair of blue dragons and an order of dark clerics while rumours abound of even more powerful forces converging upon the city. Lana and Karnus get their first experience of planar travel when they befriend a powerful ally at Mylertendal's ruined tower.

The Road to Dovir
Relatively unscathed after events in Aasla (Karnus and Teldon at any rate) the wizards stop by the Palace of Queen Kryndylya, ruler of Haven. They are entertained to a game of 'clubs and spheres' by her Majesty's seneschal. Despite spending pleasant time in the company of the wizardess Mylertendal the trio find themselves unable to relax and decide to press on to the town of Dovir.

Events in Dovir
The trio reaches the overcrowded town of Dovir, new capital of the Kingdom of Haven now that Aasla has been destroyed, and have difficulty securing lodgings. While exploring the town they defend a number of civilians from sudden danger though whoever created the threat remains at large. Lana shops for a new kihara and the party encounter a mysterious individual who has been monitoring their movements since Helskir, and appears to be playing some sort of game, though his identity remains unknown.

Dovir And Beyond
The party investigate the newest clerical order to settle in Dovir - the followers of the Blue Star who in the past failed to establish themselves within Karameikos. The wizards realise they are being trailed by another mysterious individual, whom they pursue and confront at an abandoned building site. The Karameikans soon reach the town of Lesir at the foot of the Aasla Spur mountain range.

Komughan's Tale
Before leaving Dovir, the Karameikan wizards cross paths with one of the Glantrian emissaries accused of murdering General Torenal, an event viewed by many as having precipitated the War between Alphatia and Glantri. The party hears firsthand how Komughan and his companions journeyed from Glantri City to Sundsvall, were accused of crimes they almost certainly did not commit and managed a miraculous escape from Eriadna's dungeons.

The Road to Sundsvall - Part One and Part Two
The wizards travel through the Aasla Spur mountain range - passing through the towns of Lesir, Fifeton and Saypalt - before exiting the Kingdom of Haven and entering into Vertiloch where Sundsvall awaits. They cross paths with a Forester spy, a dragon-riding paladin and a mysterious stranger from their recent past, in addition to being stalked by a nightmarish being believed to have been sent by the followers of a vengeful Immortal.

Sundsvall, The City Built by Magic - Part One and Part Two
At last the wizards reach the capital of the Alphatian Empire, where they explore the magificent city and do what they can to reduce civilian casualties in the midst of a Glantrian terror attack. Breakfast the next morning is shared with strangers who are seemingly powerful and hopefully benevolent, but have an interest in the outcome of Karameikos' proposed treaty with Alphatia.

Haldemar's Journal Extract
An excerpt from the log of Prince Haldemar - famed Alphatian explorer and captain of the flying vessel known as the Princess Ark - on display within the sky-ship museum in Sundsvall.

Audience with Empress Eriadna - Part One, Part Two and Part Three
As a precursor to formal negotiations, Teldon, Karnus and Lana enjoy a guided tour of Sundsvall then are treated to dinner with Eriadna and her representatives, before attempting to determine a treaty to safeguard Karameikos' wellbeing through difficult times to come.

Homeward Bound - Return to Karameikos
Lana bids a temporary farewell to her travelling companions Karnus and Teldon in Sundsvall, then Teleports back to Specularum to deliver news to Stefan Karameikos. Upon her arrival at the Duke's Palace, not all is as she expects. Quick visits (via Teleport) to Glaston and Sundsvall ensue.

To The Defence of Darokin City - Part One, Part Two and Part Three
With terms of understanding finalised between Karameikos and Alphatia, Duke Stefan declines the Master's offer of an alliance and sends troops to relieve the siege on Darokin City. Lana volunteers to deliver instructions to the Karameikan Generals stationed in Athenos. There, she finds much of the military planning is being delegated to a capable and aspiring young captain named Justin Alverian. Written by Alastair.

Background XP Stories


The Blackhill Saga - Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Part Six and Part Seven
After the meteor destroys the Glantrian Principalities of Blackhill and Caurenze, Karnus leads survivors in search of a new home.

In a laboratory of the Great School of Magic, the Darokinian wizardess Adriana receives an inquisitive guest in the form of Karnus.

A Meeting of Minds
Whereas Adriana maintained an impenetrable exterior, Sylarin unwittingly falls victim to Karnus' persuasive talents and reveals sensitive information pertaining to the War.

Searching the Silver Sierras
Seeking deposits of rare magical ore, Karnus unexpectedly encounters minions of the Master of Desert Nomads.

Continuing his search for Naramissium, Karnus intervenes in a fight between aerial adversaries.

Sylarin's Revenge
Sylarin and Adriana turn the tables on Karnus following his extraction of sensitive information from the Darokinians.

Fallen Hero
Karnus grants new purpose to one who has fallen on hard times and deserves the chance to start over.

The Homecoming of Karnus Perdissium
After a lengthy absence Karnus visits his family in Specularum, realising that as much as things change they often stay the same.

Sorcerous Soiree
A gala event takes place at the Magicians' Guild in Specularum, its purpose to inaugurate the new harbour defences around Mirror Bay. Several of the evening's attendees seek to benefit from the merrymakers' distraction.

The Night After the Morning Before
Karnus returns to his family's home following the events of the Sorcerous Soiree.

Legacy of Hutaaka
In Eastern Karameikos, Karnus and 'Ralindi' (an assumed identity of Urmahid Krinagar of Bramyra) chance upon an archaeological dig; the powers of the Staff of Hutaaka help to unleash a slumbering spirit.

Nature's Revenge
Karnus and Ralindi come to the aid of elven travellers while passing through the Duchy of Machetos.

From Thyatis to Redstone (from live play)
With the blessing of Thincol Torion and Glantri's Wizard Princes, Karnus assembles a band of Glantrian spellcasters and travels to the Isle of Dawn to undermine the Alphatian advance in the strategically important Province of Redstone.


The Marilinev Palace - Part One, Part Two and Part Three
An attempt on the life of Stefan Karameikos reveals a hitherto-unknown passage through ruins inside the Royal Stronghold of Specularum. Lana accompanies members of the King's Guard and the Order of the Griffon to investigate and clear out whatever evil lies within.

Bother In Biazzan (from live play)
At the behest of her benefactor, Lana attempts diplomacy in Biazzan following a sudden invasion by Ylari dervishes.

Dragon Hunt - Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Part Six, Part Seven and Part Eight
Lana and companions hunt red dragons in the Altan Tepes of Thyatis.

The Runaway
A reckless bounty hunter causes havoc in Glaston Village, driving Lana to seek out his employer - an eccentric magic-user residing in neighbouring Machetos.

The Golden Ferret
Lana attempts to tame the giant ferret she captured in the meadows of Vertiloch and brought home to Karameikos.

The Thyatian Sewers
A Teleport goes awry, landing Lana in the undercity of Thyatis where she encounters the former apprentice of an old acquaintance.

Koriszegy Keep (from live play)
Lana and Sascia of Luln investigate Koriszegy Keep, thinking it might serve as a location to confront the werewolf Silver Eye.

Alpha Mage (from live play)
After long and careful planning Lana and Sascia confront Silver Eye, hoping to free him from the influence of his magical collar, believing that it keeps him from attacking their common enemy - the wizard Bargle.

A Friendly Chat (from live play)
Following the capture of Silver Eye, Bargle the Infamous visits Glaston and invites Lana to meet him at its inn.

Return to Koriszegy Keep - Prologue, Approaching the Keep, Assaulting the Keep, Down the Well, Showdown, Epilogue and Post-Epilogue Tidy-Up (from live play)
During the summer of 1007AC Lana, Drewen and Piotr travel to Koriszegy Keep to try and lift its centuries-old curse.

The Update Page
Details on our characters' current whereabouts.

The Auxiliary Parties
A section detailing the exploits of our secondary player characters - the Thyatian, Darokinian and Karameikos II parties.

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