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The following websites deal with the original D&D Mystara setting (many are included along with this site in the Mystara Webring):-

The Vaults of Pandius

Probably the most comprehensive online resource for the Dungeons and Dragons Mystara setting - features articles collected from the Mystara Mailing List and other places.

Order of the Stick (at Giant in the Playground Games)
Excellent online comic by Rich Burlew.

Marco's Mystara Homepage
Home to the Mystara Webring, this site commemorates the depth and breadth of the Mystara setting through Almanacs, timelines, netbooks and more.

Darkblood's Mystara Map Navigator
Another site featuring well-detailed maps of the D&D Known World.

Heroes Only
Neat download site offering information on rules, classes, equipment, sample adventures, programmes and record sheets.

Mystara Campaigns
Rule summaries, maps and geography and detailed Player Character information.

Mercies Auction House
A unique and stylised website - an on-line auction house, themed to the styles and eccentricities of Darokin City.

Effie Rover's RPG Gateway
A well-designed and enormous site providing a free online source for roleplaying games, links and information.

Mythblade's Mystara Homepage

A bit of info on D&D Mystara.


Dragonsfoot - Classic D&D

A great discussion forum dedicated to OD&D.


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Famous People from Northern Ireland

Website managed by my good buddy and fellow D&Der Richard Bell.

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