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A Letter from Glantri

14 Eirmont 1005

Room B45,
The Great School of Magic,
Glantri City

Dear Lana,

Greetings from Glantri, Land Of Magic!

Things here are even better than Iíd ever imagined. You should see this place, Lana; the towers rising into the sky, the waterways glittering in the moonlight, and the sight of the City in the morning sunlight is quite something to behold!

Iíve only been in the City for a few days now, but have already seen and done lots of things. First off, I enrolled at the Great School of Magic, as you can tell from my mailing address above! I canít really find the words to describe the Great School, except to say that itís everything Iíve ever imagined and more. Youíd have to see it with your own two eyes to believe it, suffice to say it puts the Guild to shame, even the Darokinians are shown up by this place.

Iíve been assigned a tutor already, and have begun my studies in earnest. My mistress, Signorita Venecia, is an alchemist of incredible skill, and Iím learning a lot already, although my role in her researches thus far has been confined to shopping for components and cleaning up afterwards! If you see Ereshka, warn her that Iím picking up some new ďteaching techniquesĒ!

Betula says hello, sheís keeping busy. Actually she tends to roam the streets enthralling young men, so Iím really going to have to have a word, remind her what her father would say. Iím trying to convince her that she should take the time to train with a weapon, but sheís being remarkably reticent in that respect, I guess she relies on her powers to defend herself, but even so, Iíd feel better if she at least carried a dagger!

My spell research continues apace, alongside the courses and lessons Iím attending, problem is that even the Open Market of Glantri doesnít have everything I require, so I may need to head out of town in a few days to procure some fresh components Ė it might be nice to see some of the rest of the country!

Oh, and Iím taking lessons on Griffon Riding! Who would have thought! Havenít actually got into the air yet, as thereíre some issues with introductions to the beasts! Iím learning on a young Griffon called Garíadeth (which apparently means Soaring Claws in some Glantrian dialect!) he seems nice, if a little frisky! I anticipate problems when I introduce him to Magic Missile, but Iím sure an Utter Enthralment spell will keep them both under control!

As for the people, most of them seem very nice and friendly. The majority of the Staff at the Great School are most helpful, and Iíve made some friends in the Student Body, including a part Darokinian mage called Arneth Gadali, a nice thoughtful fellow, whoís been most helpful. Arneth and I are at similar stages in our magical learning, both Rank Eight, which apparently means that Iím a Necromancer! Speaking of which, thereís an old friend of yours here, one Iíve yet to talk to, but Iíll be sure to pass on your best wishes!

Anyway, I canít spend the entire day writing. Itís time I got to the Temple of Rad for daily devotions and Iíve got to prep four potions for Signorita Venecia before midday, not to mention my essay on magical theory. Oh and Iím off to find myself some more permanent living quarters this afternoon Ė life at the Mageís Hostelry is proving expensive, if fun!

Hope everything is going well with the tower construction and that you havenít spent all your cash. By the way, if you still insist on visiting, donít even think about bringing D, V or T along. You will be tolerated. Their kind are not welcome here.

Right, Iím off to the Lab, via the Library!

I look forward to seeing you back in Karameikos.

Yours sincerely,


Karnus Perdissium

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