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The party has undergone changes throughout its eighteen-or-so year history (which our characters perceive as seven) - details of the main protagonists are listed below.

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Lawful Magic-User, Twelfth Level

STR 8, INT 18, WIS 10, DEX 11, CON 9 (currently 8), CHA 16

hp 32 (currently 23 due to poltergeist-induced ageing), AC 7
Landed Noble of Karameikos
Expert with Dagger

General Skills:
Alertness (11), Healing (18), Magical Engineering (18), Alternate Magics (18), Persuasion (16), Cooking (18), Karameikan Law & Justice (10), Knowledge of Rockhome History (18), Forest Lore (18), Knowledge of Dragons (18 - having been swapped for Etiquette under our new rules)

Thyatian, Alignment (Lawful), Dragon (Gold dialect), Elf (Calarii dialect), Goblin (Dymrak dialect)

First Level: Read Magic, Magic Missile, Light, Floating Disc, Protection from Evil,
Amber Shards*, Shield, Read Languages, Detect Magic, Fog Cloud, Airy Messenger, Drift, Scent, Rainbow Strike
Second Level: Mirror Image, Web, Knock, Wizard Lock, Levitate, Detect Invisible, Phantasmal Force*, Continual Light, Elemental Cleaner
Third Level: Fly, Lightning Bolt, Hold Person, Haste, Budanter's Discontinuable Radiance*, Infravision, Invisibulity 10' Radius
Fourth Level: Confusion, Growth of Plants, Polymorph Other, Ice Storm/Wall of Ice, Charm Monster, Titan Might*
Fifth Level: Conjure Elemental, Teleport, Hold Monster, Pass-Wall, Wall of Stone
Sixth Level: Anti-Magic Shell, Lower Water, Disintegrate

Magical Treasures:
Dagger +2, Ring of Protection +2, Ring of Telekinesis, Flying Carpet
Bag of Holding, Blanket of Defence, Crystal Ball, Beady Eye
Wands of Fear and Trap Detection, Scroll of Protection from Elementals


A native Karameikan - her mother a Traladaran healer and her father a Thyatian merchant - Lana grew up in Glaston, a village half-way between Krakatos and Rugalov on the edge of the Dymrak Forest in south-eastern Karameikos. When her mother died during Lana's adolescence her father placed her in the care of a wizard named Valtanivark outside the town of Threshold. Determined to prove her worth and possessing a keen intellect, Lana familiarised herself with magic and began adventuring with friends to boost her abilities.

Having little magical prowess through her early career and despite physical weakness, Lana relied on her dagger to defend herself. Her capabilities have grown to the extent that she now commands a broad magical repertoire, including spells of her own devising.

When her master was slain by a former apprentice, Bargle the Infamous who firebombed the Flying Ferret Inn around the same time, Lana swore vengeance and sought support from the Order of Tarastia in Thyatis. To level the playing field, Lana was loaned the Staff of Lucinius - a magical relic created by the first Thyatian king however the Staff was confiscated by Empress Eriadna after Lana absentmindedly revealed the Staff's true nature to an Alphatian official. The threat of Bargle remains to be dealt with.

Lana was awarded the title of Court Lady by Duke Stefan Karameikos in recognition of her efforts protecting Threshold against Bargle and his lackeys; she subsequently became Landed Nobility after journeying to Sundsvall (alongside Karnus and Teldon) and joining in the Battle of Darokin to help repel the forces of the Master of Hule.

After long deliberation Lana opted to settle outside Glaston where she means to defend her villagers against the perils of the Dymrak, the Iron Ring slavers and wouldbe invaders from Thyatis. Anchoring herself in this manner is not without regret as she is fascinated by the commodities offered by more progressive societies such as Alphatia and Glantri. She has taken on four apprentices - a Karameikan, a Traladaran, a Thyatian and a Darokinian/Sindhi - and is relieved that they are all demonstrating independence.

Besides travel and gastronomy Lana is interested in fashion, monster lore, all dragon-related matters and her elderly [lycanthropic] pet giant ferret named Whiskers. She also has a pet black bear named Grunt.

Neutral Mage, Twelfth Level
Wizard of Glantri, Dream Master of the Second Circle

STR 10, INT 16, WIS 10, DEX 13, CON 10, CHA 10

hp 28, AC 7
Expert with Quarterstaff

Magical Treasures:
Crystal Ball with Clairaudience, Ring of Survival, Jade Ring of Controlling Hutaakan Statues, Elven Cloak, Ring of Protection +1, Stone of Commanding Earth Elementals, Staff of Hutaaka (unique magical treasure), Staff of Commanding, Wands of Fire, Secret Door Detection and Metal Detection

General Skills:
Alchemy, Sleight of Hand, Escapology, Magical Engineering, Riding: Griffon, Quick Casting, Prestidigitation, Premonition

Thyatian, Alignment (Neutral), Traladaran, Hobgoblin

First Class: Read Magic, Charm Person, Hold Portal, Magic Missile, Read Languages, Shield, Detect Magic, Stunbolt, Rainbow Strike, Sleep
Second Class: Invisibility, ESP, Phantasmal Force, Perdissium's Perpetual Agitator*, Mirror Image, Knock, Wizard Lock, Continual Light, Levitate, Mana Shield, Armoured Arcana
Third Class: Dispel Magic, Fly, Fireball, Clairvoyance, Invisibility 10', Haste, Hallucinatory Terrain, Confusion, Water Breathing
Fourth Class: Charm Monster, Wall of Fire
Fifth Class: Cloudkill, Wall of Stone, Spell Turning, Hold Monster, Pass-Wall, Psychosis*
Sixth Level: Geas, Projected Image, Disintegrate


Born to an impoverished family and raised in the crowded streets of Specularum, Karnus developed talents such as escapology and sleight of hand before his magical aptitude became evident and he enrolled at the Wizards' Guild as a pupil of Master Teldon. As his magical career has progressed, Karnus has displayed particular affinity for magics affecting the mind, such as charm and illusion, in addition to a possessing a natural flair for alchemy.

Fluent in both Thyatian and Traladaran, it was Karnus who acted as translator go-between during the party's exploration of the Lost Valley of Hutaaka. When the party discovered that nation's foremost treasure, a unique and semi-intelligent magical item known as the Staff of Hutaaka, the Staff attuned itself to Karnus' will, forming a bond which will last the duration of the wizard's life. Since unlocking the Staff's power Karnus has uncovered numerous Hutaakan settlements and might one day return to claim the Lost Valley as his own.

Thinking Karameikos had little left to offer him in the way of magical instruction, Karnus took leave of his countrymen and embarked on foot to the mountainous wizard nation of Glantri where he enrolled as a student at the Great School of Magic. There, after not long, he submitted to a perilous graduation test. Details of what the test involved remain shrouded in secrecy however Karnus appears to have succeeded in overcoming whichever obstacles were placed in his way. The accolade of becoming a wizard of Glantri exacted a price as to Lana's eye Karnus appears to have aged over a decade in no more than months. Karnus seems to be in no doubt that the price was worth paying, as he now has additional talents such as swifter spellcasting and the unusual ability to entrance others into following his will.

Karnus has established strong connections in Glantri and has identified with the philosophy of Rad - a path of contemplation said to lead to enlightenment. He considers his loyalty to the Wizard Princes to be of greater significance to the connection he retains with the land of his birth. That said, Karnus was instrumental alongside Teldon and Lana in the negotiations leading to the treaty between Alphatia and Karameikos which established the latter's position of independence in the war between nations. After the treaty was concluded, Karnus lingered in Sundsvall but could not set aside his longing to return home to Glantri City.

One of Karnus' wards and companions in Glantri is the half-dryad Betula; he was also responsible for tutoring a Traladaran apprentice named Ireshka who chose not to accompany Karnus to Glantri and instead returned to lessons at the Magicians' Guild in Specularum. His other ward, currently lodging at the Great School of Magic, is the childlike creature known as Crackle whose capacity for magical learning is rapidly expanding.

Lawful Dwarf, Ninth Level

STR 14, INT 9, WIS 9, DEX 11, CON 15, CHA 14

hp 58, AC -1?
Expert with Warhammer

Magical Treasures:
magical dwarven platemail "Drewen's Armour" +2, magical warhammer +2, ring of fire resistance,
jade ring of Controlling Statues (limited power), potion of Heroism


Drewen began play as an easy-going, placid young dwarf, a happy exception to the typical stereotype of the grumpy and angry dwarf. He shares the dwarven love of gold, warm fires and drinking - until recently, all of these pastimes could have been indulged in Drewen's role as barkeep of the Flying Ferret Inn in Specularum. Over time, however, Drewen's laidback attitude has been stretched due to the often rash and unorganised nature of his human companions.

Drewen's clan was scattered to the four winds a generation ago when a red dragon invaded their ancestral home, intent on stealing the dwarves' riches to expand its hoard. Drewen's father singlehandedly slew the beast but died of the wounds he sustained. The clan subsequently fell apart - now residing in parts of Karameikos, Darokin, Rockhome and even further afield. Who knows whether the clan will ever find a means to reform and achieve its former glory.

Drewen found himself adopting a paternal role in the party - the mediator, the voice of reason and most notably the one who can repeatedly hit things until they stop moving. Drewen has on many occasions bailed his companions out of trouble - against ghouls and mummies in particular, in addition to many other generally unpleasant and dangerous foes. That said, Drewen takes offence at the attitude that he is invulnerable to harm and that if some fell monster should rear its head, the natural course of action should be to launch Drewen in its direction.

Beneath the hardened exterior still lies a warm-hearted and kind young dwarf, as experienced in battle as any other dwarf of the Realm, whose personal gold reserves would surely now rival that of any other dwarven kingdom in the Known World. In his adventuring career to date Drewen has claimed a sceptre, an orb and a golden throne - only a crown is missing.

Drewen recently uncovered the remnants of his clan, spread across much of Darokin, Karameikos and Rockhome, and rescued this last group from the clutches of a malevolent red dragon. His two-hundred-strong clan is currently camped outside the city of Kelvin, awaiting the construction of Drewen's stronghold in the northern Altan Tepe mountains.

Cleric of Neutrality, Eighth Level

STR 9, INT 14, WIS 16, DEX 6, CON 14, CHA 6

hp 30-something, AC not sure
Skilled with Mace

Thyatian, Alignment (Neutral), Hogboblin, Orc

Magical Treasures:
Mace +1, Platemail +2, Shield +2, Elwyn's Mace of Life-Draining, Rod of Cancellation
Scarab of Protection, Ring of Weakness, clerical spell scroll and several potions


Threy began play surly and unlikeable, willing to lead his fellow adventurers into peril at the merest prospect of personal gain. Despite a clash of personalities in the group, Threy found direction alongside his Lawful companions and stuck by Drewen and Lana through their early adventuring careers. Threy was not destined to follow a Chaotic faith as his abilities often were frequently used for healing and restoration, effects which most advocates of Chaos should have been loathe to invoke as often as Threy did.

Since Threy did not adhere to the path laid down by his Patrons, he was denied use of spells for a time. However, his Patrons saw fit to spare the cleric's life in his fight against the black dragon Falaryx - Threy felt the words of a healing spell come to his lips, which when uttered with his dying breath prevented his untimely demise.

Threy received a further reminder of his mortality in the Lost Valley of Hutaaka, when his powers abandoned him during a fight against the ancient fiend Kartoeba. Threy perished in the beast's maw, though the faith of his companion Vasily later returned him to life. Following this episode Threy aimlessly wandered the wilderness of Karameikos seeking a new direction, a purpose to which he might pledge himself, but alone in the emptiness nothing came.

Threy returned to Specularum and began drowning his sorrows in the Flying Ferret Inn. No solution seemed accessible - were his clerical abilities lost forever? At last the answer came when Threy rediscovered a sense of belonging by his companions' sides, fighting in Hutaakan ruins outside Threshold. He found purpose in the company of others, knowing that he could lend his individual abilities to a group to achieve a shared goal. His powers soon returned. Threy has re-emerged as a cleric of Neutrality. His new Immortal patron, whoever that might be, has not yet identified themselves. Threy has spells and turning ability once more, but at what personal cost remains unclear.

Threy won acclaim during the party's travels through the Five Shires, when the unpredicable cleric took it upon himself to slay the chieftain of the Broken Toe orc tribe at the Siege of Ringrise in Highshire, in addition to rescuing a number of hin from burning buildings and marauding orcs. For his valiant efforts the cleric was proclaimed a hero of the Shires.

Threy discovered the truth behind his origins, when he met his long-lost twin brother in Alfheim. That story can be read here. During this quest Threy consumed a potion of longevity, reducing his age to 21 and healing some of the horrific scarring which he had sustained from his many near-death encounters.

Further Update:
After meeting his brother Threy disappeared from the Known World - unknown to the rest of the party he was transported by the Powers of Neutrality to a mini-plane known as "The Observatory". There, the mysterious Olmundvar groomed Threy to become his successor. Ultimately however Threy was found lacking and was returned to Mystara, though far from the land he called home to the great western wasteland of Sind. There, he was apprehended by the forces of the Master of Desert Nomads but managed to escape. Now he wanders the wilderness alone, evading his pursuers and hoping to rejoin civilisation.

Lawful Cleric of Halav (Church of Traladara), Ninth Level

STR 10, INT 11, WIS 16, DEX 12, CON 12, CHA 15

Skilled with Warhammer

Magical Treasures:
Holy Warhammer +1, Staff of Healing, Magical Platemail +2, Bag of Devouring,
Sceptre of Repelling Undead, Petra's Crown


Having begun play as a mildmannered young Traladaran undergoing his Shearing, Vasily became the child prodigy of the Church of Traladara. Born into the slums of Specularum, his family thought best to place the young male into the care of the Church for his teen years, during which time the young acolyte was granted a vision by the Immortal Halav. This vision led Vasily on a quest northward, where he was told he would find companions worthy of accompanying him on his holy mission, and who would be prominent in the young cleric's subsequent calling. Thus Vasily met the four party members, with whom he has stayed close friends.

In little over a year, the cleric rose from the lowly rank of acolyte to the grand prestige of becoming a Bishop of his Church in his nineteenth year. In his relatively short adventuring career, Vasily has seen more combat and warfare than perhaps any other cleric of his age in Karameikos. He has helped felled vast tribes of goblinoids such as goblins, orcs and gnolls, all the bane enemies of his Church. Most recently it was Vasily who entered singlehanded combat and slew the evil hobgoblin warchief Vlakk of the Dymrak Forest. Thus the young cleric's warhammer has seen little rest from its service in the name of King Halav, ancestor of the Traladaran people.

Despite regular absence from the party through the demands of his Church and having retired from adventuring to an extent, Vasily remains on excellent terms with his fellow party members..


Vasily is currently in Glantri, having undertaken a potentially dire test of his faith on behalf of his Church. Around a year ago the sage Aurellian gifted Vasily an ancient map, purporting to show the resting place of a Traladaran artifact - a paladin's holy sceptre granting power over the Undead. Its resting place? Boldavia, the northernmost and deepest part of Glantri, land of wizards where clericism is forbidden on pain of death. Still, on the instruction of his Patriarch Vasily ventured forth, reaching Selenica via Teleport and thereafter setting forth on foot through Darokin to Corunglain and thereafter into the Principalities.

Other noteworthy/one-time members of the Party

(Human fighter, Male, Neutral alignment, ring of invisibility)
Original member of the party, now second in command of the Threshold Town Guard. This fearless (if dimwitted) fighter saved Lana's skin on numerous occasions (amid Rezgale's Ruins and the toppled remains of the Church of the Blue Star among others) but given his commitment to defending the people of Threshold was unable to accompany his friends on their quests further afield.

(Human thief, Male, alignment unknown)
The party's thief, a Threshold native, staunchly Traladaran and hell-bent on becoming the personal cause of Duke Stefan's downfall. Journeyed with the party on only a few occasions. Current whereabouts unknown.

Scaramon (RIP)
(Human fighter, Male, alignment unknown)
An immensely musclebound fighter hired by the party to accompany them on a dangerous mission into the lair of the Bonebreaker Orc clan. Scaramon lost his life defending the party from the clan's ogre. Man and ogre exchanged simultaneous deathblows and fell together from a bridge into a subterranean river.

(Half-human, half-dryad, Female, alignment unknown)
'Liberated' by Karnus from an island situated between mainland Thyatis and the Isle of Dawn, Betula's mother gifted her the power to ensorcel men's minds and communicate with plantlife. Young at present (scarcely out of her teens) and under Karnus' tutelage the dryad's powers are growing with time.

(NOTE: Karnus also has an apprentice - the Traladaran maiden Ireshka)

Whiskers and Denkris
Lana's and Drewen's pet giant ferrets respectively. Whiskers has grown old (since Lana found him years ago in the basement of a chaotic temple on the party's second ever quest) and is a law unto himself, whereas his son Denkris and is a paragon of obedience having been painstakingly trained by Drewen. Denkris came about when Whiskers vanished from the Flying Ferret Inn one night, made his way to a warehouse near the docks of Mirror Bay and encountered a female ferret who had escaped from a travelling animal show.

The party's newest addition - a black bear cub rescued from forest imps during Lana's 'clearout' of part of the Dymrak. Grunt is currently accompanying the party on their travels through Alfheim and is receiving training from the Traladaran Dmitriov.

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