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Auxiliary Characters

To complement the principal characters into whom we have poured time and effort over the years, and to expand the scale of the campaign. we thought we would and create secondary PCs. These are lower-level individuals who interact with our main characters and provide an alternative outlook on events unfurling across Mystara.

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The Thyatis Party

Lassandra Diamerak
Daughter of the Lord of the Diamerak Clan, this elfmaiden hails from the Vyallia Forest in north-western Thyatis. Lassandra bears the magical blade Ilsundel's Kiss, blessed by the elven Immortal, which is imbued with the ability to heal wounds once per day.

Antonius Tyrannon
Thief from Kerendas whose natural charm and gambling ability won freedom for the barbarian Conor, thereby gaining the thief a life-long friend and bodyguard. Owner of a magical ring of animal control. Currently believed to have exploring ruins in the desert nation of Ylaruam; may have happened upon the remains of a forgotten civilisation.

Conor, son of Fergal
This burly and fearless Hinterlander was once a famed gladiator in the arenas of Port Lucinius. Now the barbarian fights as a freedman alongside his companions, bearing a magical double-handed axe. Accompanied Antonius on his exploits beneath the sands of Ylaruam.

Ex-army tactician, this fighter is skilled with the bow and is a master of military planning to boot. Wears a magical ring of water walking.

Dallus (Deceased)
Son to an overbearing senator in the Duchy of Kerendas, Dallus fled home at a young age and found refuge among the Foresters of the Vyalia Forest. Pledging service to the Immortal Ilsundel, the fighter Dallus was granted the ability to cast magical spells while wearing armour. The plucky youth lost his life battling hellhounds in the Coliseum of Thyatis and was lain to rest by Lassandra and friends in the Park area of the capital.

Newest add-on to the party, this charming rake wears black at all times and conceals his face from those who pursue him for varying reasons. Introduced to the party by Lana, also a servant of Tarastia, Immortal Patroness of just revenge.

The Karameikan "Junior" Party

Nikolas Rokanov
Lone operative and relentless persecuter of humanoids, this surly fighter joined the party for their first mission in pursuit of the cleric Elwyn, east of Threshold. A skilled acrobat and possessing brawn to match any irate ogre, this fighter makes a formidable and deadly enemy. Much about Nikolas remains to be uncovered; his motives for journeying under the auspices of the Church remain unclear. It is suspected that he requires clerical aid in connection with some form of affliction - perhaps the curse of lycanthropy which is so prolific within Karameikos.

Updating note: an account of Nikolas having contracted the werewolves' curse is availble to read here.

This fighter first joined the party on a mission for the Church of Karameikos to earn the lifting of a curse which caused her first attack of every combat to miss. Freed from the dark magic, Hermione remains in the company of the Church's other agents. On one hand she wears a magical ring of spell storing granting her the use of spells rivalling those of the party's resident mage, Marcus (see below). This coupled with Hermione's weapon of choice, a magical double-handed sword, makes for a lethal blend of magic and might.

Piotr Grevenov
Orphaned at a young age and of Traladaran descent, Piotr was entrusted to the upkeep of the Church of Karameikos. Now grown in age and wisdom, the brawny fighter seeks to repay the Church for its kindness as a holy knight, upholder of the Greater Good. Piotr venerates the Traladaran Patron of Healing, Chardastes, having rescued the Immortal's sacred bell alongside his companions on their first quest together. Further adventuring served to plant seeds of distrust between the openly virtuous Piotr and the more secretive Nicholas.

Updating note: having proved his devotion to the Church of Karameikos, Piotr was inducted into the Order of the Griffon, his initiation ceremony presided over by Patriarch Oliver Jowett personally. He helped the Karameikan Seventh Division lift the siege of Darokin City, following he underwent a spiritual epiphany and was formally acknowledged as a paladin of his Order.

Further updating note: alongside Drewen and Lana, Piotr travelled to Koriszegy Keep and succeeded in lifting the curse afflicting the place, at least for the time being. The price he paid for such victory was to have his life-force drained by the vampire Koriszegy. After returning to the Keep, Patriarch Jowett deemed him worthy of having some of his vitality restored. Piotr returned from the Keep bearing the enchanted blade The Light of Traladara and ever since has been questing actively through the halfling Shires and the Republic of Darokin carrying out acts of good and assisting the weak and vulnerable. Before departing Karameikos, Piotr accepted a knighthood from King Stefan as part of which ceremony a modest (deliberately so, in view of his temperament) feast was held in his honour.

Of wealthy lineage (nephew to Baron Desmond Kelvin) Marcus is the party's resident magic-user and most advanced character, having journeyed with the Karameikan senior party through the Altan Tepes before joining his current companions. Despite his mastery of formidable offensive magic, the violet-robed mage is not shy to grab a weapon and join his comrades in battle should the need arise.

Updating note: Marcus has not interacted with his adventuring comrades for some time, his whereabouts are unknown. The last anyone heard, Marcus was venturing north from Specularum bound for the infamous Caves of Chaos near Castellan Keep in the north of the Grand Duchy, known to be home to many humanoid tribes. (It is rumoured that he met a grisly demise at the hands of Bargle the Infamous and a shaman of Jammadarru, the Immortal Patron of Ogres).

Reclusive and shady thief, rarely seen in combat. Little is known of him.

The Darokin Party

Updating note: after surviving a catastrophe of literally ground-shaking proportions, only three members of the Darokinian party are confirmed as alive and well - Sylarin, Adriana and Jeremy who are currently guests of Empress Eriadna in the capital of Alphatia and have each received honourable discharges from the Army of Aegos. The remaining party members - comprising Dudley, Solchia and Giovanni (the newest recruit) - are attempting to navigate a route back to civilisation from the Hollow World, where their journey aboard an Alphatian flying vessel is expected to lead through one of the polar openings.

Dudley Whistlestop
Entreprenurial halfling and the Republic's first would-be tourguide. Wears a wide-brimmed and floppy hat, complete with large (droopy) feather. Also owns a ring of invisibility and an enchanted shield.

Solchia Mendez
Cleric of Ixion, the most powerful member of the Darokin party having been encouraged by her Patron to adventure extensively through recent years. Currently travelling through the Hollow World where the existence of a "second" sun which never goes down has caused her to consider the foundations of her faith in (literally) a whole new light.

Sylarin, otherwise Sylantharios
Darokinian-born and business-minded elf, a skilled trainer in the rapier. Also bears the Staff of the Wanderer (a unique magical item and elven relic). Co-founder and director, alongside Dudley, of the Whistlestop & Co Exploratory and Adventuring Company.

Jeremy Quickfinger
Resident thief.

Ascerbic female magic-user, wearer of grey robes whose spellcasting adheres to strict textbook style. Abandoned the use of her family name (Wainthropp) when she decided to pursue the ways of magic. Formerly a freelance consultant on arcane matters within the Whistlestop & Co Adventuring and Exploratory Company; since returning from the Hollow World she has been promoted by co-founder Sylarin to 'Head of Magical Operations'.

Giovanni Merovingi
Trained lawyer and negotiator, hailing from [Selenica?].

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